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Why You Should Get a Vehicle History Check Before Buying A Used Car


When buying a used vehicle, you can never be sure whether the dealer is upfront about its history. That’s why getting a car history check is always a smart choice.

Vehicle Check & Its Importance

First things first – what is a vehicle history check? This comprehensive inspection, also known as a car registration check, fetches crucial car history information from various sources such as the DVLA, police, and insurance companies. The final report may also include vehicle enquiry information such as taxation or MOT details, depending on the type of check you have chosen.

Why exactly this check is so important? Well, it can reveal lots of information about the car you intend to buy. It usually reveals if the vehicle is reported stolen, scrapped, written off, or if it has any outstanding finance, mileage discrepancies, plate changes, etc. Without knowing these details, you put yourself and your money at a greater risk. You could end up with a severely damaged or even stolen vehicle if you’re not careful.

Here’s How a History Check Can Help Spot Potential Issues

Accidents: Unexpected and Unseen Problems

Some sellers attempt to hide accident information so that they don’t have to repair the vehicle before selling. A car history check will reveal the vehicle’s entire accident history (if there is any). The report will provide information about the extent of damage as well as any professional maintenance jobs the car had undergone.

Once you know these details, you can negotiate the price in a better way. For example, a car with no airbags should sell for less compared to the vehicle that has them intact.

Ownership- Number of Owners

Another useful piece of information you get opting for a UK reg check is the number of previous owners a car had and the duration they had it for. This data gives you insight into the life expectancy of the vehicle. One or two previous owners generally means the car is in better condition as compared to five or six past owners.

Car Mileage Verification

Before you make the purchase, you also need to verify the car’s mileage. Although odometer rollback is illegal, it is still common. Sellers do it to increase the value of a car and get a better price for it. A vehicle history check will provide mileage records that you can verify by checking the odometer.


Rusting or water damage due to flooding is a common issue in used cars. You might not be able to easily spot this problem, so get professional assistance or car history check to know if the car is flood-damaged.

Since there is considerable risk associated with purchasing a used car, we suggest you opt for a thorough history check from a reliable company. Caranayltics offers accurate, up to date information about used vehicles – get a complete regcheck the UK now.

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