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There is n number of ways through which you can source your used car. One of the ways is to get it from a used car dealer. It is similar to buying a new car from a showroom. Buying a used vehicle from a dealership is one of the most trusted ways of purchasing a used car. Let us get into detail about the dealership and its related queries to get a detailed view of the used car dealership.

What is a used car dealership?

A used car dealership is a business that deals with new or used cars at retail level prices to the buyers. Some dealers get affiliated with any of the automakers to provide used vehicles at the subsidiary, but most of them don’t do. Sometimes the car dealers get a direct connection with the car manufacturers to sell new vehicles.

How does the UK use car dealers works?

You can find nearly 12,000 used vehicles outlets in the UK that sell used cars, vans, and motorbikes from different brands and manufacturers (Both new and used). The used car dealers usually source the vehicle from the appropriate inventories and profit by selling the cars. It might be on immediate cash or finance, depending upon the buyer’s wish.

They can also earn a good amount from selling the servicing packages. The success of every used car dealership depends on the best prices at which they sell and the truth they reveal about the used cars at the time of sale. Another basic trick of the dealers to make big money is making high prices with the buyer and later getting it from EMI, which involves more interest. In turn, it offers a better margin to the dealers.

Where do the dealers source the used cars from?

Usually, car dealerships have a large number of vehicles that are ready to get home. But, have you ever wondered where do they source it from? They will get it from auctions, rental companies, trade-ins, finance companies, private sellers and much more. Some dealers will be professional with certain types of vehicles such as trucks, SUVs and sports cars. Whatever the dealer type might be, they source the cars from a place where it is cheap, and they can make a profit out of it if they resell.

One of the most common methods of buying used vehicles is trade-ins, where the customers sell a car online or offline to the dealers. It is profitable to both the sellers and the dealers. It is then followed by the auctions, rental companies and private sellers.

What are the types of a used car dealerships?

Getting the right used car is an enjoyable experience. On the other hand, dealing with a daunting dealer is actually not. If you were looking for a brand new car, it can be only from the manufactured or authorized franchise. But when it comes to getting a used vehicle, then there are several ways and a number of dealers available in the used car market to get it home the easiest way.

There are different categories of dealers which varies depending upon the market experience and the selling type. Here are few categories of dealerships and what you can expect from them.

  • Independent dealership: It is one of the most common types of car dealership you witness in the UK. The Independent dealership deals with the Consumers Goods Act, with which you can expect a replacement or refund if the vehicle I faulty within 30 days. It will give you peace of mind.
  • Online dealership: As online selling and buying things has become a part of our day-to-day life, an online dealership has also emerged as a common type of dealership in the UK. Also, many dealers do not have a physical showroom nowadays, only an online presence. It is also one of the economical ways of selling vehicles. It is vital to check the advert twice if you are going to an online dealer.
  • Car supermarkets: It is one of the recent types of car dealerships that emerged in the UK. A large warehouse where you can see hundreds of used vehicles aligned in order. You can choose from the displayed vehicle by physically touching and feeling them. The one best thing about this type of dealership is they offer a vast number of choices you can make out of the hundred cars. However, you should also be careful that they may also have vehicles that are useless in-between.
  • Franchised dealership: It costs a little expensive when compared to the independent dealers as the respective manufacturers approve them. Usually approved used cars have fewer previous owners and a minimum mileage, which are some promising signs. However, it is always good to go with a vehicle history check. Another added advantage of this type of dealership is that the used cars come with a warranty.

What are the problems you face while buying a used car from a dealer?

Apart from all the benefits you get from a dealer, there are also some traps that you might fall into when buying a used car from a dealership; here are some common pitfalls of the dealers.

  • Independent dealership looks grandeur with super comfortable couches and beautiful interiors. It will leave you in a dilemma that paying a high price is worth it. You must be vigilant enough to know that you only pay for the used car, not the garage, so don’t be carried away by the fancy looks.
  • It is essential to ask questions. Don’t hesitate to enquire about the vehicle completely before the purchase. You have all the rights to question everything about the vehicle as you the one who is going to pay. Don’t be carried away by the sugar-coated words of the dealers.
  • When it comes to online dealership, make sure you check the advert properly. If you find anything fishy, enquire immediately and sort it out. Always go for trustworthy online sites to escape spam.
  • It is important to negotiate for a better price from the dealer. It is a basic trick by every vendor, quoting a high price then reducing it when the buyer bargains for it. To make big money, dealers follow this strategy. So it is your duty to negotiate for a better deal depending upon the value of the vehicle; you can also get a car valuation to check to know the worth of the car before purchasing.

What exercise should I do before buying a used car from a dealer?

You cannot blindly go behind the words of the dealers. Every dealer will tell the true story of the vehicle. So as a buyer, you should also do some homework to know about the car. If you have decided to purchase a car, whether, from a dealer or a private seller, it is important to make a car history check to know the background of the vehicle. Car analytics is offering one of the best vehicle checking services in the UK at an affordable price. So make sure you run one to get a good used vehicle. To conclude, plenty of used cars are available in the market and thousands of dealers in and around the UK. It is not like all the dealers are dodgy. It is always better to play a safe game instead of becoming a victim at the end of the day.

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