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People still believe vehicle inspection and vehicle history reports are the same. The below article will clear the wrong perspective and save you from misleading information around wrong market myths. Plan to buy a used car? Both pre-inspection and vehicle history report is vital.

What is vehicle inspection?

A well-qualified mechanic can inspect a vehicle deeply. They will also recommend any work required to the vehicle to make an informed decision for prospective used car buyers.

Why it is important to do a vehicle inspection?

We’ve heard many horrifying stories about pre-owned vehicles, engine problems, poorly carried maintenance, and so on. While many cars have a good look outside but they have a huge number of hidden histories. These flaws can be difficult to see unless you have a skilful eye. If you consider purchasing a used vehicle or seeking expert advice on potential hidden issues, visiting a reputable dealership like the Plattsburgh Kia dealership can provide valuable insights and assistance to ensure a reliable and satisfactory purchase.

It is okay to hire a professional car inspection service to examine the used car you want to buy. It is to analyse if the vehicle has any serious underlying issues. Sometimes you might not notice the problems even after a test drive.

What does the mechanic do once you book a vehicle inspection?

When you bring your car to a vehicle inspecting garage. Some standard used vehicle inspections include the followings are

  • Condition of the tyres does meet the minimum
  • Operation of the air-conditioning and braking systems
  • Checking engine oil, air filters and battery
  • Checking coolant levels and their condition
  • Inspection of the brake pedals
  • Check transmission fluid condition
  • Look through the state of brake lights, headlights and tail lights
  • Function of the seat belts and steering
  • Inspect the wipers and looking for any leakage of oils
  • Any minor scratches on the exterior body of the vehicle

What is a vehicle history report?

A vehicle history report provides complete historical information about a specific vehicle.

Why it is important to take a vehicle history check report?

On average, every day, 74 cars are identified as stolen. But it won’t reveal vehicle service history and some other component details. By entering your registration plate number into our history checker, you can find good pieces of information about the vehicle. Even premium report will uncover more critical information about your car.

What exactly a vehicle history report will reveal?

In some cases, vehicles have many crucial histories which lead your used car purchase into an awful experience.

We really recommend taking a full vehicle check before you for a purchase. A complete vehicle history report contains.

  • Outstanding finance or loans
  • Insurance write-offs
  • Mileage discrepancies
  • Whether the vehicle’s been scrapped
  • Whether it’s been stolen
  • V5C and VIN matching
  • Number of previous owners and keepers
  • MOT and tax status
  • Estimated fuel cost
  • CO2 emission details

While many service providers offer free vehicle checks but with limited information about the used car hence, our full vehicle check could cost you around £9.95, which is a comparatively cheapest price than the other service provider online. And about the data guarantee, you will receive up to £30,000, and you can trust us as details are from reliable sources.

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Will a vehicle inspection include a vehicle history report?

No, it’s not they might sound the same but differs technically. You cannot expect a vehicle mechanic to provide you with the history of a used car. The UK vehicle inspection services will focus on the physical inspections alone. You cannot expect a vehicle history such as the financial status of the vehicle, stolen, or the written-off status of the car. It is because vehicle check and vehicle inspection areas totally different.

Vehicle history report vs Vehicle inspection

A car inspection is only focused on the physical health of the vehicle. In contrast, the vehicle history is focused mainly on the hidden story of the car from the dealer.

There is no single similarity between vehicle history reports and vehicle inspection. Both are different in terms of vital information about the vehicle. End of the day, they play an important role in a used car purchase.

Car Analytics has seen many scams and terribly affected buyers due to a lack of knowledge. We want our buyers should consider these checkpoints before getting scammed.

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