Used Seat Leon Cupra
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Looking for a stylish exterior and relatively low running cost vehicle? Then, Seat Leon Cupra would go better compared to other cars. It is the high-performance version of a small hatchback.  

Few things to know about Seat Leon Cupra:

Why Seat? Car lovers are likely to buy Seat Leon because of its more powerful engine and large equipment than VW Golf GTI. In short, you can consider the Seat is alternate to the Ford Focus ST and Honda Civic Type. 

Much like Mercedes Benz has AMG, BMW has M range, and similarly, SEAT has CUPRA. It is SEAT’s performance-driven brand, made with performance and luxurious designs. Back in 2018, Seat Leon Cupra was the top of range model. 

Now, CUPRA has broken out as its own brand. The Cupra Leon hot hatchback is available in the UK with the plug-in hybrid and 296 BHP, 2.0-litre petrol engine.

Basic Checklist to Do While Buying a Used Seat Leon Cupra:

Leon is nearly quite the same as Golf, even at the motorways speeds. If you are looking to invest in a car, then first search Seat based on car specification filter. Hence, even it is for the pre-owned Seat, you should ensure about its spec to know the vehicle basic descriptions are the same as the seller documents. 

Here are few checklists to keep in mind while looking at the Seat.

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Carbon deposits in the intake ports reflect performance issues, and the runner flaps in the intake manifold to fail. Hence, removing the inlet manifold every 70,000 miles and blasting off the deposits save from the danger.

After five years, don’t forget to change the timing belt. Check the cam chains stretch and listen for rattles where the replacement is expensive. 

Purchasing of a used car? There is a possibility that worn hydraulic high-pressure fuel pump lifter buckets due to worn injectors or contaminated engine oil may affect old or high mileage cars. 

How can we calculate its performance? 

  • Seat Leon diesel engines: on 1.6 litres and also2.0 litre turbo diesel with 148 BHP where it returns up to 57.6mpg.
  • Petrol engines: 1.0 litres with 113 BHP and 1.5 litres with 128 BHP, the best Leon engine for family motoring. 
  • In future, you can experience hybrid Seat Leon where it supports both electric motors and fuel-driven ones.  


You need to check if the vehicle refuses or struggles to change gears or other unusual activities like the burning smell, leaking fluid, slipping gears or any noises. Hence, check out if the owner replaced or serviced parts are smooth and quiet, and there are no such serious issues that are harmful. 

Suspension, steering & brakes:

  • The primary issues you can find from this are broken rear springs, leaky rear shocks, and disintegrating rear bump stops. 
  • Know that vague steering is likely to be caused by worn lower arm bushes.
  • Check the brake discs that haven’t rusted badly on their inner side.
  • If the vehicle has no suspension problem but finding the car without modifications is a tricky one. The most popular modifications are anti-roll bars to improve handling. Check the rear items fit over the exhaust box after fixed.


Most car lovers easily get attracted to the car structure. While buying a used car, you have to notice the rust and accident-related traces. Though it is quite a rare case, checking the body condition would be helpful. Do check the vehicle door locks and windows as it is expensive when it needs a repair later. 


Enjoy the stylish interior, sharper looks and greater importance on digital technology. Whoever used a Volkswagen or Skoda system can quickly get familiar with the Leon system also. In reliability and safety, the Seat Leon achieved a five-star rating Euro- NCAP rating.

However, it’s better to look at all the paper documents and cross-check with the used car checks reports to know its real value when it comes to a used one. 

Buyer’s Aware before buying a seat Leon:

The Seat Leon is a compact car, fun to drive & excellent value for money. But what turns out to be a nightmare because of its potential issues? Here are critical things for used car checks to take while you gear up for the next Seat Leon Cupra:

  • How much to spend? 

Used car price of Seat is comparatively flexible for the buyers who look at an affordable rate. Official sites offer the car valuation based on the estimated mileage and other essential factors of the car. 

As per Seat Leon Reviews, you can find the car ranges from £2500 to £10,999, which are completely depends on the miles and the car average condition. Still, puzzled about what to check first? Mileage or age or condition, find the answer here.

  • Check if it is a financed one? 

Used Seat Leon cars are available at a high rate, which is an advantage in purchasing it with finance deals. Searching which financial deal is better for you? Read here about the types of finance before you decide!

However, most Brits are likely to have a car on their own, which can satisfy through car finance. But, not all the owners are good at repaying the debts. Hence take finance check reports to confirm this Seat is not enlisted in any finance company. 

Is this enough? To have the right car, you should know about its potential risks such as stolen, written off or mileage discrepancies. Keep an eye on highlights of vehicle history check reports from Car Analytics, where you can find low-cost & reliable car data.


The Seat Leon model is really sporty and fun. The sporty looks like you can have more fun, but it is more suitable on country roads. Do check out pre-owned car valuation before you invest your pounds. 

However, the priority is determined by which brand of cars you are likely to drive. Check out your Seat Leon deals from here.

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