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Whether it’s your new brand car or second-hand car, if you want to protect your purchase, then it should have warranty cover as no one wants to pay for the repairs upfront. Our guide explains car warranty importance and the need for it during the used car purchase. 

Modern cars exceed limited miles, and it impacts the vehicle condition. And most of the people are very comfortable in having great features like electrical systems, gadgets. But, you also need a specialist when something goes wrong with these vehicle systems. It can cost you more but having a warranty could save you pounds. Let discuss how actually car warranty act as a rescuer.

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First, what is a car warranty? 

A car warranty provides you protection against paying for labour costs and the replacement of particular parts of your car if they suffer from mechanical defects or electrical failure. Often it can be costly to repair your vehicle.

All new cars should come with a warranty, but you can buy warranties for your used cars as well to protect your loved car. However, the warranty coverage is based on the policy of the selling garage. The used car warranty lasts for three, six or 12 months and for old cars offered with limited policies. 

In this article, we have some fantastic car warranty offers for our readers. We have explained used car warranties to avoid the risk and frustration of a used car warranty not fitting your requirements.

Where can you get a cheap car warranty cover for your used car?

 A suitable policy can ease the financial burden of unexpected costs. So, the warranty cover could save you more in the long run by preventing you from paying for costly repairs if you detect a fault with your vehicle. 

However, you should understand what it covers and what exclusions may apply so you can determine if you need one and, if so, how to select the best car warranty for your vehicle. 

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How much does a car warranty cost?

 The cost of a car warranty may vary depending on a range of many factors, which are:

  • Value of the car 
  • Age of the car 
  • Miles on the clock you drive 
  • The level of cover (car warranty providers offer cover for more than only the engine or mechanics)

You can put the cost of a car warranty down by choosing for a basic or a short time warranty – but keep in mind that the less coverage the best warranty offers more likely it is that you need to pay for repairs out of your own wallet, which can be expensive.

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Which types of car warranties are worth buying?

Purchasing a used car from a dealer or trader, you need to enquire about the used car warranty provided or what actually it covers. Because there are still traders who tell “no warranty” on a sales contract without prior notice, even if it is no offence, it is a sign that the vehicle condition is not good. Hence, read the terms and conditions & know how it works. Basically, there are three types of car warranties which we explained in short. 

Manufacturer warranty: 

All new cars come along with a manufacturer’s warranty, but you’ll have to go through one of the brand’s dealers to claim it. The manufacturer will sort out faults that occur within a number of years or miles. For example, three years or 60,000 miles is the most common.

Dealer warranty: 

It came when you bought a used car from a dealer. Usually, the dealer used car warranty covers will be extensive, last for twelve months, with limited claims.

Third-party cover: 

You can privately get an extended car warranty from an insurer on your used car purchase. Some insurance providers include this in a comprehensive car insurance policy; this is an optional extra that requires an additional cost.

However, there are certain limitations designed for the used car warranties. You might think your warranty covers any repairs, excluding wear & tear, but it is based on the terms and conditions. Thus, it’s better to know coverage details first & understand your warranty limits.

What items are commonly covered by a car warranty? 

Once you sign the contract, then you are legally bought the coverage. Make sure you ask the dealer about the used car warranty in detail, telling when you actually need it. Car warranty generally covers the cost of:

  • Engine
  • Fuel systems
  • Clutch
  • Gearbox
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Steering

Always ensure to shop around and check the terms and conditions of each warranty before making your choice. 

What else you should know?

There are times where warranty comes in the checklist; mostly manufacturers prepared while picking up the car from overseas and during on holiday where the car warranties are valid within the country. 

Purchasing the used car warranty from the franchised dealer is a hassle-free one, and even you can directly contact if needed. Third-party warranties are also excellent but dealing through phone or mail might delay the process. Pay for the warranties if you find them reasonable as it is a shield to maintain the car condition. 

On a final note, it can be used or new car you have to give car servicing regularly as there are high chances of rejecting the warranty claim if the car is not maintained properly. Second, the warranty coverage is not applicable for the car servicing and MOT. So, be cautious about when and where you need a car warranty. 

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