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Many motorists take vehicles off-road due to the COVID pandemic effect because car usage becomes less in that period and when you decide to take a vehicle off the road. Here’s the guide to tell you how to UnSORN the car.

This decision by vehicle owners causes a massive increase in the number of people declaring their cars as SORN. SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notification. We will delve into the world of SORN, providing you with all the information you need to know about the SORN check process and how to ensure your vehicle remains compliant with the regulations. Now vehicle owners want to unSORN their cars as they do not want to pay for tax and insurance for vehicles which is not touched.

Even you can easily unSORN a vehicle, and it takes the same time you applied to SORN. Suppose you have a UnSORN vehicle and admire how you return the car on the road. Right here, find out answers to queries about SORN.

How to unSORN a vehicle without MOT test?

Declaring a car SORN doesn’t have any periodic expiry. It remains valid as long as you want to have it. Actually, after 2013 DVLA unSORN rule came into effect. Before this rule, SORN had a period of one year.

It means you need a valid MOT certificate unSORN your car. Book an MOT test today if you haven’t already. Yes, it is that simple! A SORN also cancels itself when you sell your car.

Did you know? Approximately every year, 3.4 million vehicles declare SORN means “off the road”. Especially March 2020 saw the highest number of SORN’s being made of any month in past decades.

Understanding the benefits of UnSORN

Un SORN a car comes with several advantages, which make it a popular choice among car enthusiasts and mechanics alike:


By Un Sorning a car, you have the freedom to personalize it according to your preferences. Whether you want to upgrade its performance, enhance its appearance, or add innovative features, Un sorn provides you with the canvas to create your dream car.


In many cases, an unSORN car can be more cost-effective than buying a brand-new vehicle. By purchasing used or salvaged cars and restoring them through the Un sorning, you can save a significant amount of money while still ending up with a high-quality automobile.

Enhanced Performance

UnSORNing allows you to fine-tune various aspects of your car’s performance. Whether you’re interested in improving its speed, handling, or fuel efficiency, Un Sorning provides the opportunity to optimize the vehicle to your specific needs.

Learning Experience

For automotive enthusiasts and budding mechanics, unSORNing serves as a valuable learning experience. It provides hands-on knowledge about how cars work, their various components, and the intricate relationship between them.

Tips for efficient UnSORN

  • Organize Your Workspace: Keeping your tools and parts organized will save you time and frustration during the unSORN process.
  • Label Components: As you disassemble, label each part to make reassembly more straightforward.
  • Stay Patient: Un Sorning can be time-consuming, so remain patient and focused on achieving the best results.
  • Consult Manuals and Online Resources: Utilize car manuals and reputable online resources to gain valuable insights and guidance.

What happens as you apply for SORN?

If you are not familiar with SORN, why you need to make a SORN, and how to apply for it, you should read our blog first. You must understand that you can’t drive or stop the vehicle on the road after receiving confirmation of SORN from the DVLA. The only time you can use it is when you are going to visit for a pre-booked MOT. If found driving it otherwise, you will face a hefty fine (we will discuss it later on).

How fast can you unSORN a vehicle?

All your need is your V5C registration document or your tax renewal/ reminder letter. You can unSORN a car within the same day you get SORN approval from the DVLA. As said before, you need to tax the vehicle online. But that’s not all! To legally drive the car and ensure it is roadworthy, you need insurance coverage and a valid Ministry of Transport (MOT) Test.

Does it cost money to unSORN a car?

Before, SORNs were only valid for a year. You are legally permitted to operate a car, when you must have insurance once and inform the DVLA that it is back on the road. You only need to tax your vehicle to eliminate the SORN status.

Is it possible to reverse a SORN?

Your SORN cannot be backdated. When you tax your car once more, sell, scrap, or permanently export it, your SORN is automatically cancelled.

What things should you inspect before buying a SORN car?

When buying a used car, you should first know if it has a SORN by getting a DVLA SORN check. You should request the seller to tax the car first for a SORN vehicle because you cannot test drive the car if it is not taxed. Find out whether the car is taxed or not here.

The second thing is you should request the seller to show a valid MOT certificate. You can use our vehicle check service to get the MOT history for free if they fail to provide it. If the MOT certificate is expired, you should first demand the seller to undergo the MOT test.

The vehicle is not insured; you will also need car insurance. Get free insurance quotes through our partner and choose from over 100 providers.


Often, people ask for:

If I declare car SORN, should I suppose to insure the car? There is no law to insure your vehicle if it is kept off the road and declared as SORN, but it’s recommended to do so. Maintaining a vehicle insured will cover you against unknown potential risks, such as theft, fire and criminal damage.

How Soon can I drive the car after taxing it?

If you drive an untaxed and uninsured vehicle is offending the traffic law. Those caught driving a car without road tax by police, face a fixed penalty notice (FPN) of up to £1,000, payable on the spot.


The present SORN system is more efficient, as it can quickly recognize a vehicle that is not insured and taxed, taking data from the DVLA directly. The UK police use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to skim through a car’s registration number and analyze it against the data available with the DVLA.

Can my car be taxed without an MOT?


Yes! You need a valid MOT test before taxing your vehicle. It is an obvious legal document for taxing any vehicle in the UK.

Pro Tip: If you’re sure that your vehicle will be unSORN soon, you can tell DVLA up to two months in advance. 

UnSORN your vehicle today! You are ready to drive legally without incurring any fines.

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