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Peace of Mind with Car analytics’s Free UK Vehicle History Checks

Buying a new set of wheels is a daunting task. One that can cost you big time both mentally and monetarily if not handled appropriately. For your peace of mind, you need to follow specific assessments, the first of which is the free UK vehicle history check.

Yes, we understand it might not necessarily be free with most Vehicle Data providers, but you can always rely on our free UK vehicle history check. Why? Because we are the Best Vehicle History Checking Service, and we take our work very seriously. We strive to serve you in the most intriguing ways to retain this title.

Here are some of the most crucial vehicle checks for your composure.

UK Vehicle History Check 1: Full Car Check

While our free HPI check alternative is an excellent start to shortlist a vehicle, we highly recommend our comprehensive vehicle check to check car details. Our registration check is more than a simple history check.

We fetch you more than 80 pieces of details about the vehicle you are interested in for the least money possible. Yes, we are the cheapest car check provider in the UK (just £8.95 against HPI’s £19.99, Prices and data above, as of 15th Dec, 2020. E&OE.), and we never compromise on critical checks.

Our report will highlight everything “from the MOT history, VIN/Chassis discrepancy, car valuation, a mileage anomaly, number of previous owners, number plate check (for plate changes), stolen car data, fake logbook check, scrapped status to insurance write-off and outstanding finance details.”

With the rising crime rate in the UK, the market is witnessing more and more vehicles with a hidden history. A full car check is the best investment you would make before purchasing a second-hand car.

Free Vehicle Check 2: Service History

A well-maintained vehicle speaks for its credibility. There is no better way to know about a car’s health than reading-through its service history. If the seller denies showing the service booklet or the online servicing record, you should understand there is something amiss.

The car service history also lets you track the mileage of the vehicle recorded in the past. While our car check report highlights mileage discrepancy, you should also cross-check the mileage on the odometer with the one on the service booklet. If you find a significant variation in the number of miles between services, you should be wary. After all, a car can only go a limited number of miles without posing any issues or a breakdown without servicing. Find out how long your vehicle can go without maintenance.

Car History Check 3: Car Inspection

Along with vehicle checks, you may also need car inspection services to get a report on mechanicals, operations, and previous accident damage. While there is no denying car inspection is an imperative service for maximum peace of mind, it is certainly not cheap. It starts around £100 minimum for the basic check and goes as high as £250 for an advanced check.

The mechanics usually check the following components and give you a verbal as well as a written report on the vehicle’s performance.

  • Body Exterior
  • Engine Compartment
  • Electric Controls
  • Interior/ Luggage Compartment
  • Front Suspension/Steering/Under Frame
  • Rear Suspension / Under Frame
  • Clutch/Transmission
  • Exhaust System
  • Fuel System
  • Brakes
  • Wheels and Tyres

So, should you opt for car inspection, find out in our car check vs. car inspection guide.

Vehicle Check 4: The MoT

If you do not have enough money to buy car inspection services, you can go for an MOT test. Consider it a Car Check Lite service that will point out all the problems in your potential purchase. The engineers at the MOT centre will examine brakes, suspension, lights, tyres, structure, fuel system, exhaust emission, and so on. Here is a complete list of what do they check at an MOT.

A fresh MOT test will show you a clear picture of the vehicle’s failures and advisories. If you do not want to go for a new trial, it is not bad to get our free car check for MOT. It will not only provide you with details of the last MOT but also all other MOTs carried out on the vehicle.

UK Vehicle Check 5: The Paperwork

A car purchase requires you to go through lots of paperwork. It is always a good idea to match the information on these papers with the details we provide in our car history check. Any inconsistency means there is something fishy. Among all the paperwork, the most vital piece of paper is the Registration Document, also known as V5C or logbook.

You must know the difference between the original and fake logbooks, which are still circulating in abundance in the UK car market. We have written a detailed guide about spotting fake logbooks. Give it a read; it will just take three minutes and save you from huge trouble later on.

Furthermore, exploring the last MOT data is equally significant. It not only tells about the due date of the next MOT but also the failures and advisories. The latter of which explains the repairs that the vehicle needs before it can pass the next test. Knowing it enables you to negotiate the price better and haggle it down.

vehicle history check

Vehicle History Check 6: A Personal Assessment

In your journey to buy a used car, it pays to acquaint yourself with the nitty-gritty of the process. From tips to buying and selling a used car and finding the cheapest vehicle to landing on the site that offers desperate deals, we have all the sources to help you in your purchase.

Whenever I want to check my car details or know the impact of lockdown in the UK car industry, I find everything on Car Analytics used car guide section. Whether you want information on insurance write-offs, written-off categories, outstanding finance, car owners, or the stolen status of a vehicle, you will find plenty of information here.

We highly suggest you give these articles a read and absorb them. It will lend you self-assurance in your talents to recognise a dud. However, no matter how knowledgeable you become, you can never spot a stolen, written-off, or financed car. For that, you have to invest in our vehicle history check. So, are you ready to join our growing list of customers?

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