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Sports cars are all fun and exciting. However, modern sports cars from top brands are getting expensive. So, when on vacation, renting one is the perfect opportunity. Also, selecting your vacation destination is very important. Some good ones include Dubai, New York, London, Paris, Venice, and Manila. Sports cars like Mustang rental in Dubai or in any other major tourist city are available readily.

Enthusiasts are always dreaming about their favorite sports cars. Ferraris, Mustangs, Lamborghinis, McLarens, and Porsches of the world are quite impressive as well. These speedy cars are a thrill to drive. Luxury has improved over the years with sports cars as well. Rolls Royce Dawn and Ferrari SF90 Stradale are some of the most luxurious sports cars. Here are some tips to enjoy exotic cars with great deals:

Find out which sports cars cost less to rent?

Firstly, it is important to know that some sports cars will cost less to rent than others. Generally, European sports cars will almost always cost a lot. Your Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Bentleys, and other European brands will carry hefty price tags.

American sports cars like Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, and others usually are available for much less. The higher prices to own European cars have made them expensive to rent as well.

So, when looking for the best deals, make sure to find them with cheaper rental cars. However, the overall experience will be similar with some variations of course. Muscle car lovers will want to rent American sports cars. European sports cars are generally more elegant.

Book your sports car rental early

Another great way to get the best deals on sports car hire services is to book early. Vacation plans are generally established well in advance. Booking your car a week or more in advance can get you cheaper rental prices and more attractive deals.

When you book your car early, the car rental company will get the time to arrange it. Also, they can schedule the rental nice and early. This enables them to offer more attractive deals and prices. Last-minute car bookings will generally cost more.

Another benefit early car rental booking provides is availability. Tourist destinations like Dubai, London, New York, and others are pretty busy in the peak season. You will have your car no matter how busy it gets at the destination city.

Renting the latest models will cost more

Sports cars are expensive. This is why renting the latest model of a Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, or even a Mustang costs highly. However, renting a few years older models will cost much less.

This is because most car rental companies acquire sports cars on bank financing. Within the first few years, this financing agreement would have been settled. So, this will allow them to offer the car at much cheaper rental prices.

Also, within 2-3 years, not many new features get introduced unless a major redesign is offered for many sports cars. So, you will not be missing out on any advanced features or design elements as well.

Look out for mileage limits and other hidden costs

Often, car rental companies will have mileage limits on all cars. This limit in Dubai is around 250-300 miles. In the USA, this limit is usually much higher around 400-500 miles. In London, it may be lower. So, finding out this limit is very important.

Going above and beyond this mileage limit will add additional costs to your bill. Also, this mileage limit is often quite adequate depending on the city you are in.

Also, keep in mind that traffic violations and toll charges are never included in your rental cost. These are additional costs that will have to be cleared from your advance deposit amount. So, keeping within the speed limit and parking at the correct spots is also very important when renting sports cars.

Do not extend your sports car rental contract

Whether you go with a sports car for rent in Dubai or any other major tourist destination, you will have to sign a rental agreement. Also, this rental agreement will have a car return date. Often, people would want to keep the car for more days after the contract agreement has commenced.

This is never a good idea. Rental contract extensions are not as simple as they may look. Firstly, additional costs will be added to your bill. Also, the days added to the contract might not be charged at the price of the first signed contract.

Return the car according to the return date in your initial contract. Even if you extend your vacation and need a car, it is better to sign a new car rental contract either with the same service provider or another one. This will help keep your cost in check and get the full initial deposit amount back.

Take close-up pictures of any paint chips or dents

One thing to always keep in mind with car rental services is that you have to return the car in the exact same condition as you received it. Even minor paint chips or dents can cost a lot in repairs for expensive sports cars. Avoiding these is the best practice when renting.

Also, there might be small paint chips or dings that might’ve been overlooked by the rental company already. The person renting the car before you might have caused a few of these.

So, it is always the best idea to take close-up pictures of paint chips, dents, or dings in the car as it arrives. Also, record a short video showing these signs of damage. When returning the car, this will help you avoid any unnecessary costs of repair.

Bottom Line

Sports car rentals are exciting services. When looking for the best deals, hiring a few years older models can save money. Also, make sure to return the car on time according to your contract. Avoid traffic violations and parking fines. These costs will be adjusted from your advanced deposit amount. Mileage limits may be applied. Find these out and follow. Book your rental car early to get better deals and take close-up pictures of any signs of damage to avoid paying for them. Rent your favorite sports car while on vacation to make the experience so much better in any city.

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