Top 5 Indications that Your Vehicle Needs Brake Servicing

When was the last time you asked a garage about brake servicing for your vehicle? It’s not the 1st thing that occurs to the mind. It could be that you are driving a vehicle with worn or defective brakes. In this article, we will look at five ways to tell if your brakes need servicing.

All the systems on your car must be kept in top condition and are fully operative. This is even further main thing when we are talking about safety features. Brakes are a vital part of driving, yet the parts that stop your car when you press the pedal will wear over time. And many will need replacing. This is when you need to ask a garage for brake servicing. It may be valuing your while asking them to carry out a full vehicle check as other systems also suffer from wear and tear.

You may find that some service providers offer you a free online vehicle check that will focus at the age and mileage of the vehicle and suggest services that may need carrying out. Once they have the car, they will perform a physical free car check and then provide you with a quote. Car Analytics, of Birmingham, U.K., offers such a service and much more. And will happily perform a total vehicle check to make sure your car is safe to drive.

So, let’s talk about the five ways you can tell that your car needs brake servicing.

The Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs Brake Servicing:

1. Screeching Sound when Braking- 

This is a built-in warning in most modern cars, and is a signal that your brake pads are wearing thin. Brake pads are among the main components that take a lot of wear and are consumable. It’s not that you might need to replace them one day; you most certainly will. They have a limited life. And the screeching is created by a small device that is designed to sense when the optimum thickness of the brake pads has passed. At this point, you need brake servicing and should contact your local garage immediately to book a spot. While they have the car, ask them to do a full vehicle check. Make sure there are no other problems.

2. Brake Pedal Travel Gets Longer-

If you notice you have to push the pedal down further, and it feels softer than you are used to, you have a problem and need to ask your garage for a brake servicing check. They may be able to perform a free online vehicle check to see if there are any age-related problems, but you likely have to wear brake pads or perhaps the air in the brake lines. It needs to be fixed asap, so ask your garage for a time slot to perform a total vehicle check while they fix the brakes.

3. Vibration when Braking-

Another common problem that may occur after you’ve used the car a lot is warping of parts of the braking system. You’ll notice this by way of the car vibrating when you apply the brakes, and it means brake servicing is due. This will happen mostly in cars that have high mileage on their brakes, so you may want to ask the garage if they provide a free car check to see if there are any further faults.

4. Grinding Noise While Braking-

If you hear a growling or grinding noise when you brake, you hear the sound of metal on metal, and it means your brake pads are completely worn. This is an urgent problem so you should book in for brake servicing right away and not drive the car until it is secure. This may require more than just brake pad replacement. So ask the garage for a full car check while you are there.

5. Car Pulls to One Edge Under Braking-

This is indicative of uneven wear on your brakes, or perhaps a broken braking system on one side of the car. You certainly need to contact your garage and ask them for brake servicing as there may be an issue with the brake lines or other parts of the system.

The above are the sure signs that it’s time for brake servicing on your car. It is commended that you check for a reputable and local service provider that you can trust. If you live in or around Birmingham, U.K., Car Analytics come highly recommended by many regular users. It can offer you a full range of car checks and brake servicing solutions at great prices.

Brake Servicing in Birmingham U.K.

Why use Car Analytics? With expertise not only in brake servicing but in all areas of car servicing and maintenance, Car Analytics is a leading provider in the Birmingham area, and there are many customer testimonies on the website that gives us a strong reputation. Taking pride in excellent customer service and first-class solutions, we can offer you everything from a free online vehicle check to brake servicing and full vehicle checks. And all carried out by experienced, fully trained mechanics who have many years in the trade behind them.

We have clear and open information on our brake servicing prices on the website so that you should know what you will be paying upfront, and also offer a range of further services & solutions that will allow being certain your car is safe on the road. If you are buying a car, we can also help you with financial services such as checking if there are outstanding HP fees on the vehicle you have interest. You can use full vehicle check service when you have decided on a car that you may buy and get all the information you need to be sure it is the right one.

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Top 5 Indications that Your Vehicle Needs Brake Servicing
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Top 5 Indications that Your Vehicle Needs Brake Servicing
Here, we are mentioning five warning signs that your vehicle requires brake servicing. You can get a great deal with Car Analytics on taking a full vehicle check.
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