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College is an exciting milestone, a new chapter that presents numerous opportunities. During this time, individuals even begin thinking of car ownership. Students who enroll in state colleges prefer having a reliable means of transport to move around or even dash home in case of emergencies. Those who attend local colleges also need to commute to and from school, especially in urban areas where not everything is accessible by foot. However, an automobile is also a liability; thus, you should take some time to think whether it is the right thing for you at that particular time and pick the best one.

Pros of owning a vehicle as a student

The convenience that comes with owning an automobile is what makes it an attractive option. Also, you have to be mindful of the cons of owning a vehicle, which usually draws down to the budget. Here are some more benefits of having a whip in college.


Commuting by public transport can be tedious, as you have to plan your schedule based on the availability of buses or trains. Waking up early to catch the bus can be disconcerting. If you have a whip, you can plan your schedule and leave for school at a comfortable time. Some days, you’ll stay in school until late, and you would not want to worry about missing the last bus or train home. Therefore, owning a vehicle will help you do things at your own pace without pressure.

Furthermore, driving helps you save time compared to commuting using public transport, especially if you have to take more than one bus to get to your destination. Instead of waking up to catch the bus, you can use this time to catch up with a pending essay so you don’t have to pay for essay due to lack of time to write it, revise for a test, or get enough sleep.

You can easily take up good part-time work

Working part-time is common for collegians. College expenses can be hefty; thus, you’ll need a part-time job to help with your upkeep and keep you busy on your free days. Having a car during such times will help you navigate your schedule easily since you can go to work immediately after class without the hassle of commuting using public transport. Unless your job is around your campus, you’ll need an automobile for comfortable transport.

Moreover, some part-time jobs, like providing delivery services, will only be available if you own a vehicle. Having a whip also gives you the pleasure of expanding your job options, as you can apply for distant jobs without worrying about how you will get there.

You Feel Safe

Having a reliable means of transport makes you comfortable when attending parties, going out with friends, or staying late in school. You’ll not have to walk in dark alleys alone. Furthermore, leaving an uncomfortable situation or place feels safer when you have a car since you can leave anytime you want without waiting for a cab or bus.

Choosing the right car for college

Choosing the right cart determines several things in your car ownership journey, including how much money you’ll use for repair and maintenance. Therefore, you need to think critically before making the purchase. Here are important points to watch when acquiring a car for college.

Find a car within your budget

Buying a car is a big step; therefore, you need to take several things into consideration, including your financial capability to handle the machine. Buying a car beyond your financial capability can be stressful, and you might not make the most of it. Students do not often qualify for a car loan, and thus, you might need a cosigner, mostly your parent or guardian, who will repay the loan in case of default. Therefore, you need to find a car that is within your budget to avoid a scenario where you drag your parents or guardian into debt. You also need to consider how much you are willing to spend on fuel. A car that guzzles fuel can leave you with little money for other expenses such as entertainment or paying for a college essay writing service. Therefore, you should pick a fuel-efficient car.

Furthermore, you need to find a model that is simple and reliable. Noteworthy, the more expensive your car is, the higher the insurance premium; thus, you should pick a model that will not require you to pay a lot of money for insurance, considering you may not have stable employment.

Consider your usage

It’s essential to factor in the practicality of the machine by looking at your needs and whether you will be driving it frequently. Before purchasing, consider whether you will be carrying heavy luggage, passengers and think about the weather and parking availability. For example, if you plan on finding a part-time delivery service job, then you can buy a hatchback since it has a spacious trunk. If you intend to use your car as a taxi during your free time, then you should get one that is comfortable for your passengers.

Also, if the car will be mostly for local movements and going to school, then you will need a simple and reliable machine. If you study and live in areas with limited space, a compact car will be a suitable option. Furthermore, compact cars are easy to move around tight spaces, even for new drivers.

Test Drive

Before making a payout on a car, it is essential to take it on a test drive to ascertain that the specs match what the seller has told you. Additionally, taking the cars you are interested in on a test drive will help you narrow down your options. Conducting a test drive will help you pick out if the machine has any issues and whether it’s fuel efficient. While on a test drive, it is best to go with an experienced mechanic to help you assess the functionality of the car.


Owning an automobile is necessary in college, especially if you want to be comfortable. However, car ownership comes with a ton of responsibilities; thus, you have to be keen when choosing which car to purchase. When making your choice, you will have to consider several factors, from budget to fuel efficiency and usage. Whichever option you pick, ensure it matches your needs and not necessarily your wants.

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