Van Checklist: Guide to Buying Used Van

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When it comes to buying a used van for your commercial needs, you got to be sure it is 100% reliable. Unfortunately, 1 in 4 vans comes with some sort of hidden history in the UK. So, the question is, what is the best way to avoid purchasing a dud. There are essentially two ways: van inspection and van history check.

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Used Van Buying Guide – Things You Should Know

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Buying a used van in the UK requires a lot more vigilance than purchasing a car because there are so many extra things to consider to ensure you do not end up buying a dud. Things like van size, wheelbase, weight, transmission, door layout, suspension condition, mileage history, external and internal damage, rust, seatbelts, locks, heater, air conditioning, tires, etc., all need more careful inspection than cars if you want to acquire a commercial vehicle according to your daily work requirements. While we cannot deny the effectiveness of these structural and mechanical tests, the Van Check is the most crucial inspection you cannot ignore at all.  

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Vehicle Service History Check With Car Analytics

vehicle service history check

While buying a used car, one of the most vital things is its service history check. A car service history tells you whether the car has been well-maintained or not. A car with Full Dealer Service History (FSDH) or Full-Service History (FSH) is the best option because it gives you peace of mind the seller has records of any services, maintenance, and repairs. On the other hand, you can never trust a vehicle with Part Service History (PSH) as you never know what the car has gone through over the years. 

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Buying a Classic Car – Here Are Some Vehicle History Checks You Need to Watch Out For

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Buying a classic car demands a lot of care because it could be extremely costly to purchase, renovate, and retain. However, the good news is the value of antique and vintage cars appreciates contrary to mainstream used cars that depreciate as time passes. No matter what is your purpose to buy a classic car – investment, fun, collection, or a project – there are certain vehicle history checks you must carry out to avoid buying a lemon car.  Today, we will discuss every vehicle history check you should execute before buying a classic car. Read on: 

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Is It Worth Getting an HPI Check

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So, you have been searching through the online classified ads and found the car of your dreams after conducting proper research. The next step is to visit the dealership or the private seller to get a close look and probably take it for a test drive. But wait? Do you know everything about the vehicle you are going to buy? It could have a nasty past being in an accident, stolen, have outstanding finance, or any other anomaly. The question is how would you know about all such details and more before your purchase? The answer is the HPI Check. Before we talk about the worth of the HPI Checks, let’s first know about this free vehicle check history report.

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