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The most common blunder people make before purchasing a second-hand vehicle is buying it without knowing the car’s history. Facts like the number of car owners, miles are driven, damages sustained, write-off category, etc, all affect the value of the vehicle. Moreover, you can never know if you are dealing with a stolen car unless you take a stolen car check in the UK. You may also not identify a SORN car unless you check SORN status online. We have written a detailed blog on the SORN check. Give it a read!   

All things considered, you should never buy a used car without performing a car history check.

What is the stolen car check?

A part of a car data report, a stolen car check answers the most frequently asked question in the UK, is my car stolen. At Car Analytics, we provide 100% accurate information, as we fetch data from stolen cars UK database. We source data from the Police National Computer as well as Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR) database.

If we find your vehicle stolen, we will provide you with related details about it such as when it was stolen, etc. Find out what is actually checked with a police stolen car check.

Bear in mind, there is no such thing as a stolen car check free in the UK. We have to pay to check if a car is stolen. Also, people looking for DVLA stolen vehicle check free will be disappointed to know that the DVLA does not hold this information.

However, there is one particular non-profit online service,, offering free stolen car check UK. While it is good news if you just need to run a stolen vehicle check, it is often not enough. You’d also want to confirm if the car was involved in an accident, repainted, written-off by the insurer, has outstanding finance, and so on.

To know all these details and more, order our car history check.

How to check if a car is stolen by a license plate?

To check if a vehicle is stolen through the car registration number, go to Car Analytics stolen car check page. Enter your car’s license plate number and hit enter to get an instant stolen vehicle check report. The report will tell if your vehicle is stolen or not, and if ‘Yes’, it will reveal the date of theft and police contact information (if accessible).    

Our £9.95 stolen car check does not only expose a vehicle’s stolen history but also discloses if it is on finance, written-off, scrapped, or has a mileage anomaly.  

Should I buy a car without a V5 logbook?

The DVLA strongly advises not to buy a car without V5C (logbook). Legally, the seller cannot sell a vehicle without a logbook because they have to inform the DVLA using the V5C registration certificate after they make the trade.

If you find a seller trying to sell their car without the logbook, ask them to present the V5C first. If they have lost the logbook, ask them to apply for a V5C logbook through a V62 application. It may take more than a month and cost £25.

A vehicle without a logbook can be stolen, written off, or has outstanding finance; you never know. We are sure you do not want to risk buying a Ringer. Find out what are the risks of buying a stolen car.

How much should I spend on a used car?

How much should you spend on a used car depends on a lot of factors? First, ask yourself how much you can afford. Consider the following:

  • Monthly loan payments
  • Cost of ownership including insurance, taxes, fuel, maintenance, and repairs

Experts offer different methods to determine your vehicle-buying budget. According to USNews, the most famous ones include:

  • No More Than 15 Percent of Your Monthly Take-Home Pay
  • Half Your Annual Salary
  • 36 Per cent of Your Income Devoted to Debt Payment
  • The 20/4/10 Rule
  • A Test Phase of Making Payments to Yourself

All these have their pros and cons and it is totally up to you how well you can manage your monthly expenses.

check if car is stolen or not

Why should I bother if a car is stolen?

If you can pay for the vehicle twice, you do not have to bother if a car is stolen.

When you buy a stolen vehicle, you should know it is not your property. It is someone’s else property and you have paid to the wrong person. The Police will repossess this vehicle from you and you will lose all the money you have paid for it and face its legal consequences. If you still want to own this vehicle, you have to pay the original owner.   

For your peace of mind, you should always run a stolen car check before making the purchase. With us, it will just cost you £9.95, and we will not leave you alone until we tell you every hidden detail of the vehicle you want to buy. We are sure you do not want an accident-damaged, cut-and-shut, and high-risk vehicle. Our car history check will point out all the hidden details of the vehicle. Here’s our sample report to get an idea of what other information accompanies our stolen car check.


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