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New smart #3: Sustainable Future For UK Market

The UK is also now turning to electric as it starts to move away from gas and diesel as a result of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution with an increasing number of drivers. The whole transition moving to more efficient, more sustainable methods of transportation.

One of the leaders of that movement is the iconic brand behind some of the best urban vehicles for the city drive – smart. So we’re really excited to present the new smart #3: a revolutionary, design-led electric SUV that blends cutting-edge looks spiced with British sophistication all thanks to the environmentally-minded driver.

Smart #3: Eco-Friendly For Creating Environmental Impact

It’s not just a usual city car—the smart #3 has a futuristic aerodynamic design that is certain to get noticed wherever you drive. But there is beauty below the surface. Constructed on a base particularly established for EVs, the #3 will provide a smooth, silent driving experience and the highest possible internal space.

The heart of the smart #3, of course, is its electric motor. You can choose from a 49kWh battery, which will enable an electric driving range of up to 355 km (WLTP), or the larger 66kWh battery, allowing for an impressive 455 km (WLTP). That allows for effortless travel throughout the city and beyond without the range anxiety that used to plague electric-car drivers in the past and that often made even the most of the days of weekend trips appear to be a challenge.

Smart #3 Owner: Your Contribution to a Greener Future

If you go for smart #3, you are doing something good for CO2 distribution. Get a free-emission EV car that helps to burn less energy. As the UK’s electricity grid gets greener, your electric trips will become greener with each passing year.

What if your daily activities did not contribute to air pollution? The smart #3 makes YOU part of the solution, leaving you with cleaner air for you, your children, and the next generations.

Effortless Charging: Charge Your smart #3 from the Comfort of Home

One of the biggest concerns for new EV owners is charging and charging stations. But with the smart #3, charging becomes a seamless experience.

  • Home Charging: No more gas station lines smart # 3 – This can be charged via a convenient charging cable that works with most home outlets. Just plug your car in, go to sleep, awake anew to a full charge into the morning.
  • Smart Charging Solutions: A dedicated wallbox home charging dock can transform your home charging. These smart chargers charge the battery much quicker and can even be set to charge the car only at night, when electricity may be cheaper than normal, keeping the cost of running your vehicle low.
  • Public Chargers: You can now charge in the UK on the streets, which are well-known as rapid public chargers. This means that whether you are doing a long journey or simply want to get a quick refill when you are out shopping in the city, you’ll find that the available charging points. Usually conveniently located nationwide partnered with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS).

Smart #3 Owner: A Seamless Transition to Electric Vehicles

We know that the shift to an EV is new to many. But smart as a convenient brand is here to do it smoothly and fun. We will share the main reasons:

  • Low Running Costs: Absolutely! Electric cars are much more affordable to run than petrol or diesel cars. smart #3 has lower energy costs and almost no follow-up costs for maintenance – economize in the long run!
  • UK Government Grants and Incentives: There are a range of government grants, and incentives to support EV ownership across the UK. These savings can make the already low price of entry into a smart #3 even lower.
  • Tax Advantages: EVs are taxed lower and are exempted from congestion charges in some cities or regions. That makes the smart #3 even more appealing to own.

The smart #3: Tailored for Every Lifestyle

There are five distinctive flavors of the smart #3, each with its own character matching a certain type of driving style or personality. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Pro: The entry-level Pro offers great value with a 49kWh battery and a strong 272hp electric motor. 
  • Pro+: The Pro+ model will feature the bigger 66kWh battery in addition to a longer estimated range.
  • Premium: This model includes a heat pump and other efficiency enhancers to get the most miles out of your charge.
  • Launch Edition: Celebrate 25 years of smart with this exclusive Launch Edition, including premium options and an amazing panoramic roof view.
  • Brabus: If you need sport drive and adrenaline speed, the Brabus configuration with dual motors offers all the excitement of a performance electric drive.

For more details about each model and custom configuration, we recommend visiting the official Smart UK website.

Final thoughts – smart #3 Sustainable Urban Mobility

smart #3 is definitely more than a car; it’s a badge of honor proclaiming your dedication to a green tomorrow. The #3 is ideally suited to the UKs roads and with a cool design, great range and hassle-free charge, why would you choose anything else?

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