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Second-Hand Cars You Can Buy Right Now in the UK

New cars are always costlier than their used versions and are out of budget for most people. It is the reason buyers look for 2nd hand cars for sale. Following this route, you benefit from the depreciation hit that the first person has already taken. Moreover, the used vehicle also maintains its value for the next few years.

You may ask, is it true for Electric Vehicles (EVs), as well? We will discuss it in detail in the next section. But understand that electric vehicle sales are swelling at a rapid pace. These EVs are relatively more expensive than traditional cars.

Please continue reading to discover the best 2nd hand cars for sale and find out is it an excellent idea to buy a used electric vehicle. Know more about electric cars.

Are Second Hand Electric Cars Worth Buying?

Electric cars are winning hearts as more and more affordable offerings are entering the market. It means we now have more options in the used car market. The liberty from compliance with emission standards is a prospect that catches the eyes of many.


Purchasing these second-hand cars for sale is advantageous. Electric vehicles tend to have a poor resale value, meaning you can buy them at a bargain. For more than three years, EVs available in the UK market, such as Nissan Leaf, cost less than £10,000. Furthermore, as electric cars have fewer moving parts, they usually remain in good condition for years. For the same reason, they are easy to maintain as well. Purchasing a used EV means you have to spend less on maintenance in the upcoming years, making the transaction worthwhile.


However, a second-hand EV has its downsides as well that used car buyers must be aware of. Just like any other battery-powered device, the battery performance deteriorates with time. If you plan to purchase an EV used extensively, such as for over three years, you may experience poor battery performance. You must also keep in mind the requirement of enough space in your home to charge the vehicle. Your EV charging can be costlier on public chargers compared to your home charger. Purchasing a used EV also means you have to give up the latest technology and settle on outdated features.

Weigh these pros and cons and see whether buying a used EV is suitable for you or not.

Best Second Hand Cars for Sale Today

Let’s dive into the best-used cars you can get your hands on today. All these cars are on sale at Autocar.

1. 2013 Mercedes A-Class AMG Hot Hatchback

First in our list of 2nd hand cars for sale is the 2013 Mercedes A-Class AMG that, when released in 2013, had a price tag of £42,000. But today, after more than seven years, the hot hatch costs around £15,990.

A private seller on Autocar is advertising the vehicle for approximately £11,650.

Although the seller would support his asking price by showing the full Mercedes service history, we need to check other things, too. We’ll have to go through the service invoices to determine if the owner has made all major and minor repairs. As this particular vehicle has had two owners in the past, the seller must also provide pictures to show a decent condition.

What to look for?

When purchasing this vehicle, you must be wary of problematic DCT gearboxes and weak turbos. We suggest a test drive and free vehicle check from CarAnalytics to reveal all the issues. Because the hatchback is heavy on discs and pads, and the seller has modified the exterior. We need to see if all additional components such as smoked lenses, carbon fibre rear diffuser and sportier grille fit snugly. It seems to have a decent interior, which is a plus point.

If you’re new to online vehicle purchasing, check out our guide on buying a car online first.

2. Volkswagen Golf R

The Golf R is available for around £11,995 on Auto car right now. The Golf R is capable of covering thousands of miles with ease. This particular Golf on sale has 120,000 miles on record. It also has a full Volkswagen service history if you’re interested in the details.

3. Seat Leon 2.0 TSI Cupra R 265

Four years older and around £2,000 cheaper than the Golf R, the Cupra R is on sale for £9,989 at Auto car. Although known for its decent performance and value, the car received criticism for not being as compact as the Golf R in the past. This Cupra R has a full Seat service history with 65,000 miles on record.

4. Volvo 240 DL Estate

The fourth on our list of 2nd hand cars for sale is the Volvo 240 DL Estate. Turning 40 after two years, the vehicle has 200,000 miles on the odometer and is available for £3,990 right now. However, the wagon is functional for an extensive period, visible from the fact it has 39 stamps in the service book.

5. BMW M135i

Available for the same price as the Volkswagen Golf R, second-hand car buyers can get their hands on this BMW M135i for £11,995. It only has one previous owner and features a 3.0 straight-six, a manual gearbox, and rear-wheel-drive thrills. It has a full BMW service history and 81,000 miles on the odometer.

6. Bentley Continental 6.0 GT Super sports

Sixth on our list of 2nd hand cars for sale are the Bentley W12 Super sports with a 2009 registration, costing £40,970. It was the fastest car in Bentley’s history at the time of its release and is 13% more powerful than a standard Continental. The vehicle is lighter as well as it has no rear seats. The GT has 44,000 miles on record.

7. Renault Megane RS 265 Cup

The last in our list of 2nd hand cars for sale is the Megane RS 265 that is too attractive to buy because it is the rare Cup version. It features limited mechanical slip differentials and more rigorous dampers and springs. Available for £12,495, this one you should not miss.

The vehicle is capable of pumping out 285bhp thanks to the remapping with Milltek exhaust.

Something to Look Out in the Auction

The Volkswagen Scirocco 1.6 GT was one of the best 2nd hand cars for sale in auction. Registered in 1986, this Mk2 Scirocco only had 92,000 miles on the odometer when it went into auction. It changed three owners in the past and needed a little refurbishment.

The bidding started at only £100, but luckily for the seller, people knew its true worth, and the price went up to £2,600 on Cars and Classic. The online auction platform includes a rigorous process to photograph and describe each aspect of the vehicles they auction.

UK used car transactions


Used vehicles can be a quick route to purchasing your dream car. Look out for the automobiles discussed in our list of 2nd hand cars for sale and benefit from some of the hottest deals active right now. But before you make a purchase, be sure to check our guide on buying and selling used cars!