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Ever since Corvettes were introduced to the auto market, the adoration from car lovers for this exotic automobile hasn’t slowed down at all. Now, with its seventh generation, the popularity of the  C7 Corvette goes to show that the classic car brand is clearly ahead of its time. The C7 Corvette was introduced in 2014 and is symbolically the first set of Corvettes to take on the “Corvette Stingray” title since the last set in 1976.

The Corvette C7 is a solid upgrade from its predecessors. It comes in a stunning new design, complete with some of the latest, exciting features. The engine, for instance, incorporates new state-of-the-art technologies such as Active Fuel Management, variable valve timing, direct injection, and improved transmission.

These bad boys simply come packed for a thrilling experience on the road. So all that remains is for you to kick back and enjoy the ride. But to make the most of your experience, there are must-have accessories you need to get for your C7 Corvette. We will discuss five of them in this post. Continue reading…

C7 corvette stingray ACS splitter

The first accessory to consider is your ACS composite front splitter. Having any one of these on your C7 Stingray gives it a very stylish, avant-garde undertone. This Front Splitter comes in a matte black carbon finish and combines durability and dynamic functionalities to add to the look of your vehicle. With three undercarriage fins, the ACS Splitter is intricately designed to allow the flow of air directly to the brakes and rear of your C7 Corvette.

This little tweak will help your vehicle absorb shocks from speed bumps and potholes. In addition, it comes with redesigned brake cooling ducts and uses factory mounting points. Whether on the highway or on neighborhood streets, the Stingray ACS Splitter is certainly a worthy addition to your C7 Corvette. Luckily, you can find these and other top quality c7 corvette accessories for sale online with ease. .

Sheepskin steering wheel cover

The second accessory you need to consider getting for your C7 Corvette is a sheepskin steering wheel cover. I mean, no one wants to touch a cold steering wheel during winter. So, for those chilly months, a good sheepskin steering wheel cover will go a long way. Not only does it insulate you from the blistering weather, but it also adds some aesthetics to the interior of your vehicle.

 A third benefit of having a sheepskin steering wheel cover is protection for the default steering wheel material. These materials are prone to damage from over-handling, moisture, and heat, not to mention oxidation. In summary, investing in a good-quality sheepskin steering wheel cover is a worthwhile exercise.

Corvette custom painted taillight bezels

Nowhere does it say that you have to get stuck with every factory-fitted accessory in your C7 Corvette, especially if you don’t like them. The beauty of a Corvette is the leverage it gives you to modify it according to your taste and preference. To put it in perspective, you can single handedly redesign the C7 Corvette of your dreams.

By this, we mean you can go bold with C7 Corvette custom painted taillight bezels if you really want to create a bang! They are usually custom-made to match the build and general aesthetics of your vehicle. You can never go wrong with having one of these installed for you.

Corvette rim savers wheel rim protectors and accent trim

With Corvette rim savers wheel rim protectors, you can guarantee maximum protection for the wheels on your C7 Corvette. They are quite portable and lightweight and act as a barricade between the curb and your car’s wheels, preventing dents and scratches. These rim savers are built with an extra layer of support and designed so that you can install them yourself without the aid of a professional.

Using very strong bond tape, you can glue them to the wheel without having to remove the tires. It is that straightforward. Clips are also available to hold the glue in place and finish up the installation.


Corvette battery charger

Last but not least is having a good Corvette battery charger. They are a worthy investment when you consider the protection they offer for your car battery. Corvette battery chargers are designed to charge your vehicle through the cigarette hub found in the trunk. They have many unique benefits they provide for your Corvette battery.

For one, they are designed to maintain your battery’s balance in the winter when things tend to go awry. This way, they don’t malfunction after sitting idly for long extended periods. They also serve to keep all the electronic components of your Corvette up to date as well as minimize energy consumption. 

Get the best accessories for your C7 corvette

We’ve just learned about five must-have accessories for your C7 Corvette. These are just a few, as there are many other accessories you might want to invest in for your stunning vehicle. With the right accessories, you can protect your car and boost performance. 

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