Pros and Cons of buying an SUV cars
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If you are looking to buy a family vehicle, I recommend you consider Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s). They have plenty of space for both the passengers and the luggage, plus they come with extraordinary off-road driving capabilities. Also, these vehicles offer comfort, space and performance on the open roads.

But if we think for city the SUV’s worth the costs associated to them, also how practical they are? In this blog we are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of these types of vehicles.

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Advantages of having SUV

Great storage space

SUV’s are more spacious than cars thanks to their enlarged wheelbase. Depending on the platform/configuration, they can seat five, six, seven, and even eight people, which makes it perfect for families, especially the full-size models. Besides extra space in the cabin, Sport Utility Vehicles also offer fantastic storage space. You can carry large equipment you might need for everyday use, such as sports gear, warehouse items, bags, and suitcases, etc.


The SUV’s are well-known for being one of the toughest passenger vehicles out there. They are larger and wider than most other types of passenger vehicles and have a height advantage as well due to its higher wheels. Sitting at a higher position compared to the normal cars gives you a better view of the road. Even if you get into a fender bender or a crash, you are more likely to survive.

Additionally, if you’re considering purchasing an SUV, exploring options at a reputable dealership like the Cadillac dealership in Queensbury, NY can provide you with a wide range of choices and expert guidance tailored to your preferences.

Manoeuvrability and handling

Famous for its excellent manoeuvrability, an SUV is a great option if you frequently drive in adverse conditions such as rain or snow. The vehicle’s strong, sturdy build and four-wheel drive help avoid skidding and slipping and let you manoeuvre easily over rough, uneven terrains. Of course, it provides excellent handling on regular roads too, thanks to the different drive modes, which allow the vehicle to adjust the throttle response, suspension stiffness, steering feel, and traction control.


SUV’s are not only built to conquer different challenging terrains, but they are also extremely handy for hauling trailers, boats, and a variety of other tools and vehicles. If you like driving on and off paved or gravel surfaces, a powerful SUV is your best bet.

Grip and handling

This four-wheel-drive vehicle excels in wet and slick conditions. Neither is the ground rough or uneven. Essentially, it can take you anywhere you want to go.

A complete view is ahead

Because of the higher seating position, you will have a better view of the road, allowing you to avoid hazards such as potholes or fallen objects on the road. You’ll also be able to see over smaller vehicles and ahead of you in heavy traffic and you’ll have an easier time finding a parking spot in a crowded lot.

Overall, the main benefit of owning an SUV over a sedan is the additional space and height.

Disadvantage of having SUV

SUV’s have increased in popularity. Drivers appreciate their off-road capabilities and ability to transport a large number of passengers and supplies. However, they do have a number of drawbacks that should be considered before purchasing a sports utility vehicle.


Generally speaking, the larger the car, the higher the price. And that’s just the start.

Cost of parts

In addition to the higher cost of vehicle parts, the added weight of SUV’s puts more strain on their tyres and brakes. This leads to faster wear and tear, which means you’ll have to replace components more frequently.

More fuel costs

Since SUV’s are big and carry a heavy engine as well, they require more fuel to propel. With the world experiencing high fuel prices at the moment, owning and driving an SUV is uneconomical if you are on a budget. A hybrid or all-electric SUV is an option, but it would be too expensive to buy.

Danger of flipping

SUV’s are positioned high off the ground, and even with their large size and weight, today’s utility vehicles are very fast. This combination makes them dangerous around corners at high speeds.

Weight and volume

Driving an SUV in the city can be difficult. Unless you’re transporting five to eight passengers every day, all that bulk is a waste of space.


An SUV uses more fuel than a smaller vehicle, which means it emits more harmful fumes. Even though the fuel-powered SUV’s aren’t great for the environment, they have been outselling electric cars by 37 to 1 in the UK.

This will make you wonder whether the benefits of an SUV really do outweigh the drawbacks. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether this vehicle type is the right fit for your everyday needs. Doesn’t matter if you buy a brand-new or used SUV; choose one with the most suitable features for you and your family.

The main disadvantages of owning an SUV are their weight and high maintenance costs.


Inquire with a dealer for more information on which vehicle to purchase. SUV experts in your area can also assist you in determining whether a new SUV is the best option for you. Also, seek advice from other SUV owners in your area for assistance with the selection process.

When looking to buy an SUV, it’s critical to understand your motivations and the primary function it will serve. In case you’re opting to buy a used SUV car it is recommended to run a vehicle registration check. So take a look at reports. However, once you know what that vehicle is, it can provide you with many years of pleasant memories.

It’s pointless to be stuck with a vehicle that doesn’t suit you, your budget, or your way of life. However, once you know what that vehicle is, it can provide you with many years of pleasant memories. And an SUV could be one of those!

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