Campervan vs motorhome
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Campervans, as well as motorhomes, instantly bring up some thoughts about road trips, campsites and freedom. But do you really know the actual difference between a campervan and a motorhome, and what is the best choice for you?

All in all, campervans and motorhomes do the same job of providing you home on wheels, a mobile place to live; but there’s a huge variety of different types, so it is worth for you to consider some important differences between them.

Mostly, your choice of campervan or respectively motorhome will depend on the way and the frequency of using it. Also, you need to consider how many folks it needs to be shelter for and where you are going to go.

Let’s observe campervans and motorhomes.


The classic definition usually reminds the well-known image of a sometimes used campervan for sale and would a van with a pop-up roof. However, it is not always as evident as it looks. Better be safe to run a vehicle check even for all the vehicles from Car Analytics to have a safe purchase.

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Today’s definition of a campervan is more diversified as there are so many different types of vehicles, and some that have high, fixed roofs are still under the name “campervan.”

Most people would imagine a campervan that is smaller than a motorhome. A pop-up roof usually means that it will fit under the vast majority of car parks height barriers and about 5 meters long, so they fit in a standard car park space. Living inside a campervan will have more limitations than most motorhomes. An average human would probably want to spend his/hers time outside and just use the campervan as a bedroom or kitchen.


Motorhomes are rather easy to describe. They still are available in a huge variety of sizes and weights(even the used motorhomes).
Keep in mind that you can only drive a motorhome with a maximum weight of over 3,500 kilograms if you have the needed driving license, of course with the B+E classes. If you had your driving test on or after 01.01.1997, your license would not be valid, so you would have to pay to get an extra test. A motorhome could be a body created on the base of the chassis behind a cab, also known as ‘A-Class’, with a full-body structure over the vehicle’s dashboard and engine.

Most motorhomes are based on a Fiat Ducato cab. A motorhome can look like you get a lot more living space for the same cost, and also, at the same time, motorhome prices can go much much higher. A motorhome will usually have a bathroom and toilet, which will give owners more flexibility for wild camping.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a motorhome

The advantage that motorhomes give over a van conversion is more space. The structure of the motorhome is more box-shaped than in a van conversion. That means there is more internal space. The A-Class motorhomes may go with internal floor and storage space under them.

Similar to caravans, motorhomes have a wider choice of interior arrangement than van conversions. On the other side, if it comes to van conversions, one of the more popular layouts is a rear bed, often situated above a storage ‘garage’ with a central kitchen and bathroom and a front lounge.

An important thing that will definitely be worth considering is your motorhome power source. Especially nowadays, this source is good to be eco friendly. For example the use of lithium batteries for your vehicle is a good choice.

Can you get a free trial?

It might not be so easy to test drive a campervan or motorhome at a dealer, but before you make your choice, you have to think of some things.

As a rule, the big exhibitions at Birmingham’s NEC, Manchester, etc., offer free motorhome driving lessons available. The other possible option you have is to hire one for a week or weekend. Campervans and motorhomes are available to hire from companies all across the UK. That way, you can get the feeling of what they’re like to drive and the layouts that suit you best.

How will you get a cheap motorhome and campervan insurance?

In the UK, It’s legal to have insurance on every vehicle. Both motorhome & Campervan insurance covers all when it’s parked on the road. Same as car insurance, a comprehensive policy covers. Suppose you can also get online quotes to compare cheap motorhome insurance and campervan insurance for free.

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