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Car servicing is a necessary process, and you can’t simply ignore it. It is essential to check your vehicle’s health if you are really in need of a used car in the long run. Ensure you provide regular car servicing to retain its safety & efficiency.

Common myths of car servicing are like, my car running smoothly even I take a long drive, and then why do I have to spend for maintenance? Servicing is to do the change oil/oil filter, air filter, topping up the water bottle, checking the brake pads. Why do you care to spend a lump sum on servicing? 

But in reality, the vehicle service is worth taking where you can keep extending the car life. Keep checking & changing the filters & brakes. Other sensitive parts of the vehicle help to avoid mishaps & misfortunes.

Do you prefer the main dealer car service? Here’s getting to know what actually it is and why it is essential for your car.

What is a car service?

The vehicle needs routine maintenance where you have to assess every part from your engine’s fluid level to the general wear & tear. The car service is provided between a set of service intervals or when the vehicle travels long miles. Most manufacturers maintain & create a service schedule for your next car service.

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The plus for the new car drivers is that they can get done the car service using a warranty from a reputed dealership. Selling the used car with full service is an advantage & raises its value. At the same time, used car buyers are least concerned about the service history records if it is a used car purchase.

What type of car servicing is suitable for me?

It depends on your car’s condition, age and mileage to get the car servicing and other minor parts include changing the spark plugs, coolant and brake or power-steering fluid. However, there are types of services like,

  • Basic service: Entry-level servicing for high mileage drivers covers 20,000 miles or more than a year.
  • Full service: Offer every 12 months or 12,000 miles more suitable for the lower annual mileages or can say who service their car once a year.
  • Major Service: Recommends every 24 months or 24,000 miles. It is a comprehensive service package.

 Benefits get from main dealer servicing: 

In the UK, over 5000 different dealerships are there and also have a service department to carry out the service & maintenance on your car. It will be fine when your dealer sells new vehicles from your car brand. Carmakers need to spend huge time and effort in using the latest equipment of your car.

  • Main dealers are more flexible when your car with software upgrades or some recall works can do at no extra charge & this service wouldn’t get elsewhere.
  • If your warranty is expired, then you can directly contact the vehicle manufacturer to contribute the repair costs. If you maintain the full main dealer service history, but it highly depends on the fault.
  • From main dealer service history is easy to sell in future as buyers can have peace of mind that car is serviced correctly.
  • Car service cost varies from dealer to dealer, and the type of service required.
  • Find fixed-price car servicing plans from the main dealer and can avoid unexpected bills.

You can find the variable service intervals based on how you drive; lots of short journeys need to take a service frequently.

Disadvantages of car dealership service department:

Not every mechanic have the habit of ripping off, but a few things make us more distrustful. Here are a few why’s for car dealership maintenance is rip-off?

  • It is expected that the car service is costly at a dealership as they add up shop supplies in the car owner’s bill. The shop supplies mean the minor rip-offs charges for rags and lubricants usage.
  • Dealership recommends routine replacement & change in the fluid flushes & a few parts. While such service is offered for vehicles which is “severe use” like taxi, not everyday drivers.
  • Know what you are paying as extras? You think that the car dealership buys the parts at discounted rates & passes them to the customer at a low rate. But, in reality, you can buy their parts cheap at the auto parts than buying a car dealership counter.

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Do dealerships wash cars after service?

Dealerships do car wash after service. However, it depends on you allow it or not. Why so? Most of the dealers offer the car wash for free after you get an oil change.

The problem is it can cause more damage to the car paint than you would think, so don’t give the car regular washing but can do a set of intervals.

The other way is to directly inform or place a sign saying “Do not wash” on the car’s windshield if needed. In the end, you can do a self-service car wash if you don’t like to get it from the car dealership.

Even some of the owners take professional help from the retailer, and it cost you more pounds. You give a car wash by yourself to limit your expense than getting it from a car dealership.

Final words:

MOT test is mandatory for the vehicle, whereas the car service is not under legal requirements. So, don’t confuse it with MOT and car servicing. However, car servicing is the best way to keep a check on its condition; if you don’t mind, then it deteriorates the performance. Don’t avoid the regular servicing to:

  • Keep the resale value at high as full-service history tends to hold value better than the car without service.
  • Regular check-ups on critical components help to detect & eliminate the faults.
  • Changing engine oil & oil filter increase fuel efficiency.
  • Ensure brake pads, discs & callipers performing at their optimum level.

Know what happens when you don’t mind taking car service.

Main dealer, franchised dealer or garage, the motive is to keep the vehicle safe and sound. Save & drive safe!

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