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Key Things To Inspect While Buying Used Cars To Ensure That It Is Mechanically Sound

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Have you decided to buy your first used cars soon? If so, it is certainly a smart choice to make in this rising economy. However, the real challenge is to drive a car home that is in a sound mechanical condition.

Running a thorough inspection of the car beforehand is vital to save yourself from expensive repair costs down the road. If you don’t know how to check the reliability of the desired car, here is an inspection checklist to evaluate its mechanical health

5 Vital Things To Inspect When Buying Used Cars

Examine the engine condition

It is extremely important to evaluate the engine health as engine-related issues call for expensive repairs.

  • Look along under the hood for oil leaks, burnt oil smell, signs of poor quality repairs or maintenance. Make sure that everything appears to be dry as oil, coolant or other leaks can be a sign of major problems.
  • Before checking, put the engine in ‘Off’ mode and set the parking brake. Check the level of the engine oil as a low level indicates that the engine consumes more oil or it has been a long time since the oil has been changed.
  • Absolutely no oil, too low oil level, or oil mixed with coolant may lead to other serious issues. Also, CO2 emission of decides the tax you need to pay for the vehicle. Check car tax for free at car analytics!
  • Perform a cold start of the engine to spot hidden engine problems. Carefully check if the engine rattles with loud noises and emits blue smoke from the exhaust when it started for the first time as these are warning signs of bad engine condition.
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Check vital parts for maintenance

  • Inspect all the filters of the car to see if they had been regularly cleaned and oiled as a lack of maintenance of the filters may extensively affect the car’s performance.
  • Drive the vehicle at a speed of 40-50 km/per hour in a traffic-free area. If there is any vibration or squealing noise from the brake pedal be cautious as pulsating brakes may indicate that the rotors need to be replaced.
  • Carefully inspect the tyres of the car to find if they have worn evenly without any misalignment. This ensures that the car has not been rashly driven in the past.
  • Look for signs of dents, rusts, and other damages that indicate that the car has been poorly maintained or is an already damaged one.
  • Get a free car check with us! If you find any of these issues in the desired pre-owned car it is better to avoid it and look for another one.

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Examine the vehicle history report

Running a properly used car vehicle history check via a reliable online car history check portal is the most surefire way to know the roadworthiness of the vehicle you are paying for.

If you find that the car has met with an accident in the past, be warier and perform a critical check of the car’s mechanical condition before taking a purchase decision.

Though it is ideal to get a used car thoroughly inspected by an experienced mechanic, by following these tips you can easily check the car for engine problems and other mechanical issues occurring due to lack of maintenance or accidents.  For obtaining a free vehicle history report get in touch today!

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