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When a car reaches the end of its practicality, owners have to get it scrapped and report to the DVLA. Once DVLA labels the car ‘scrapped’, it means the vehicle is not worth sale. Unfortunately, some scrapped cars slip into the market along with the vehicles that insurance firms write off.

A “car scrap check” typically refers to evaluating how much a car is worth as scrap, meaning its value as recycled material rather than a functioning vehicle. This assessment considers factors like the car’s weight and the current market price for scrap metal.

A scrapped or written-off vehicle is potentially dangerous to use and poses a severe threat to the public’s safety. As metal thefts are prevalent in the UK, the question is how you can tell if your vehicle is scrapped? You probably can’t until you undertake a car data check, including a car scrap check and other assessments.

What is a vehicle scrapping certificate?

A vehicle scrapping certificate is also known as a certificate of destruction. If you need to scrap a vehicle from another country in the UK, you must use an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). Certificate of Destruction issued to prove that the vehicle has been destroyed. You must tell the driving authority in the country where the car is registered that it has been scrapped.

How to find out if a vehicle has been scrapped?

Online platforms like Car Analytics offer car scrap checks highlighting the potential issues. The DVLA issues certificate of destruction as evidence that the vehicle is safely destroyed. Thus, the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority help to track the scrapped cars & provide accurate information.

Hence, buying or selling a car in the UK used car market, you recommend opting for a car data check so that you can avoid paying for the outstanding finance cars, stolen, clocked, written off cars or scrap cars.

Which car scrap check service is the best?

While many online platforms provide free car check reports, not all are authentic. Moreover, a free car check may not include a car scrap check report, so your best bet is to opt for a comprehensive car data check after doing proper research.

Check online reviews and social media pages of the companies that offer car check services to make an informed decision.

Here are the few popular scrap car services in the UK:

  • scrapcarcomparison
  • asm-autos

Although some sellers might provide you with their vehicle check reports, we suggest performing your inspection for peace of mind.

Answering your questions

 What documents should I require to scrap my car?

To scrap your car, you have to provide a photo ID and proof of address. While not necessary, if you have your V5C registration document, this may clarify the process.

  Can you scrap a car with outstanding finance in the UK?

No, you can’t scrap a car with outstanding finance. ATF would resist scrapping the vehicle by checking if it is on finance or not; if you want to know the vehicle finance status, you would have to gain control of  the car or get the vehicle temporarily and use it till the finance period.

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