How Frequent Should I Get My Vehicle Check to Avoid Breakdown

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities: from taking care of its exterior, interior to the engine, electrics, and many other mechanical parts. A well-maintained car makes all the difference when it comes to deciding its value. Most people ask me how often I should get my vehicle check to avoid car breakdown.

To answer this question, I ask them a counter-question: how much you drive daily. The more you drive your car, the higher maintenance it will require. That said, a few things require frequent inspection like once every few weeks. On the other hand, certain mechanical parts can wait for three months to 1 year. Today, I will explain all car maintenance checks you should carry out.

How Often Should I Get My Vehicle Check?

Weekly Car Checks:

You could include the following in my car check regime: battery, engine oil, air filter, tyres, windshield wipers, and its fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. Failing to inspect these parts every week can create a lot of trouble on the road. Perhaps, the two most important fluids in a vehicle are engine oil and coolant. I’m sure you know the engine oil is necessary for the smooth operation of the engine parts while the coolant keeps the car’s mill cool. Read car’s owner manual to find out when you should change these fluids to avoid car breakdown. If you find trouble in any of these, consult with your mechanic.

After Every 3 Months or 5000 Km:

I incorporate battery, belts, dashboard indicator lights, engine air filter, cabin air filter, engine oil, exhaust, hoses, headlights, power steering fluid, tires, and windshield washer fluid in my vehicle check routine after every 5,000 Km. While some of these we also examine in our weekly car maintenance checks, we need a thorough inspection every three months. For instance, we might have to change engine oil and washer fluid as well as replace tires if the tread is under 1.6mm. Consult your owner’s manual if you get trouble finding any of these parts.

After Every 6 Months or 10000 Km:

Every six months or 10,000 Km, consider the inspection of chassis lubrication and windshield wipers in addition to all the parts and components I have cited above. After six months, you may also have to include car service in my vehicle checklist. The reason is most cars start acting weirdly after a half-year of usage.

After Every 12 Months or 20,000 Km:

It is time to take into account the brakes, coolant (or antifreeze), engine air filter (change it), air conditioner, steering and suspension, and wheel alignment as well apart from all the things I have revealed in the above my vehicle check schedule. Make sure you book an appointment with your mechanic for complete car service after a year.

Besides, a few components need frequent maintenance for car safety and functionality, in addition to exterior and interior cleaning. It includes spark plugs (need a change usually after 50,000 Km), timely replacement of engine oil (check owner manual), cabin air filter (at least once in three months), tires (they need rotation, balancing, alignment frequently), and battery (take care of carbon build-up).

A well-maintained car means you will get a reasonable price for it. Car shoppers go for multiple car checks before buying, and if they find trouble in its structure and mechanicals, they negotiate the price down.

If you like to know how workable a car is, go for a free car check (or a paid car check if you want to know full vehicle details) from Car Analytics. It includes MOT history with instructional information that describes the components, which failed in the inspection and required attention.

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