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How Car Reg Check Benefits You?

According to independent reports by some of the vehicle history checkers in the United Kingdom, 1 in 4 cars has had changed its number plate. While changing a number plate is not a bad thing, we cannot reject the possibility of scams. The only way you could know the intention of the seller is by taking a Car Reg Check, also known as a Car Number Plate Check. Before we discuss the benefits of a total reg check, let’s first talk about why people change their number plates.

Why Car Owners Change the Number Plate?

There are just two distinct reasons:

  1. The car owners like to have a number plate they love. Some relatives and friends also gift car number plates to their beloveds that they fix on their vehicles gladly.
  2. The dishonest sellers change it to hide the car’s identity. For instance, they use a new plate for a stolen, written off, or for a car with outstanding finance. See here how you can check if a vehicle is on finance.

What Does a Car Reg Check Tell You?

A vehicle reg check highlights the number plate change in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ along with VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) it was changed to and the date it was switched. Once you know when the vehicle has had a number plate change, you can tally it with the seller’s claim. If both the dates match, you can buy the car confidently. However, if not, stay away from the vehicle.

Benefits of Vehicle Reg Check

The most significant advantage of taking a vehicle registration check is avoiding a fishy deal. What does it save you? Not only does it hold you back from buying a stolen or an accidental vehicle, but it also protects you from losing the car and your hard-earned money. Dishonest sellers also change the number plate of vehicles having outstanding finance, so it pays to use our auto reg checker and find out all the information related to stolen, accidental, and unsettled finance.

How We Perform a Total Reg Check?

We take information directly from the DVLA and provide you 100% accurate number plate change history. We also offer a £40,000 data guarantee. We suggest you walk away from the deal if you find any difference in the information provided by the seller.

What Will Happen If I Buy A Car Without Taking Car Reg Check?

The moment you buy a vehicle with a hidden past, your trouble starts. Either it is stolen, written-off, or have unpaid finance issues, you are bound to lose it. You will not only lose track of the vehicle but will also the money you have paid for it. That’s a massive blow, the one you might not sustain. Therefore, it is better safe than sorry; perform a car reg check before buying a used car.

motorist during car reg check


A total reg check is part of Car Analytics’ Basic inspection report (just £1.99), which details the plate change history. However, we strongly recommend taking our Full car reg check (£8.95) to find out the stolen and written-off history of the vehicle, as well.

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