Which is the best time to sell a car
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Every car owner has a secret emotion with their vehicle. It might be their very first vehicle by their hard-earned money. But people have to accept the fact that Cars are best friends, but they don’t last forever. So the biggest doubt that every vehicle owner has ‘Is it the best time to sell my car?

If so, how can I make it professional and sell my car instantly without hustle? Let them get the answers for the below doubts and know the tips and tricks to sell a vehicle with utmost satisfaction.

Factors to consider when selling your car

It certainly depends on the owner’s decision. You may awaken from a deep sleep to find that your vehicle is too old and that you need to replace it.

However, age & car condition plays a vital role in determining the sale value and the selling time of the vehicle, respectively. Let’s know the factors


Your car value depreciates the moment you get the vehicle to home. So when you plan to sell the car, the price of selling is lesser than what you pay for it.

Generally, you can expect 50% of depreciation in car value for the first three years. If the vehicle is already used, it actually moves on from the depreciation time. Hence, the car value is decided by the current condition and ensures you regularly check the vehicle’s health.

Calculate the vehicle’s worth

Using an online car valuation tool, determine the current market worth of your vehicle and get the precise price you may expect when selling it.

The car need urgent repairs or modifications, and the interiors tell the narrative of the vehicle’s age and determine the selling price. If you’re skilled at fixing the vehicle when it breaks, you can charge more than the car’s true value. If the repair costs are ridiculously high and the vehicle is not roadworthy, you can sell it for a part exchange.

Evaluate the worth of the car to decide if it is worth spending on repairing before the sale.

The truth is that the higher the mileage, the lower the value of the car. You may validate it by using the car value check, which estimates the market value of your vehicle depending on the miles.

Vehicle-sale season

Seasonality factors on the cars affect the most. Different events, holidays, and seasons are highly considered during the used car sale.

During the spring and summer months, convertibles vehicles, classic cars, roadsters and sports cars are sold high. In autumn and winter 4x4s, SUV gets more attention.

People trade to new registration plates issued between March and September, thus there are a number of used cars on the market. Some people may consider giving the vehicle as a present on significant occasions such as Christmas or graduation.

Altering your way of life

It is not required to sell the car because it is old; it is still dependent on the owner’s position and the vehicle’s utility. A driver may enjoy exploring different machines and then decide to sell it or replace it with a new one.

Also, shifting your house, changing your lifestyle, or swapping your car for one more suitable seems like a sensible consideration. Although it’s differ for everyone and depends on personal scenarios.

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People are still unwilling to sell their vehicles

  • I have a written-off vehicle. Will buyers show interest in it?

Probably not!

Put yourself under the buyer’s shoes and think about it. Will you buy a written-off vehicle?

However, if the vehicle is still roadworthy after some minor repairs, it can find prospective buyers. You can’t expect a fair deal since people choose the write-off vehicles for discounted prices.

Secondly, it is important to inform DVLA about selling the car to escape from the penalty.

Breaking up with your old vehicle is a little hard but getting a new one is still interesting, isn’t it?

  • The car should not have a finance status while selling.

It is against the law to sell a car with outstanding finance because the legal ownership of the car is still in the hands of the lender.

If you purchased a car with finance and are ready to sell after balloon payment of your debt, then it is a worthy deal. As you settled the debt before moving your vehicle to the showroom.

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