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Is It The Best Time To Sell Your Car? Know The Tips And Strategies

Every car owner has a secret emotion with their vehicle. It might be their very first vehicle or the first vehicle from their hard-earned money. But people have to accept the fact that Cars are best friends, but they don’t last forever. So the biggest doubt that every vehicle owner has ‘Is it the best time to sell my car? If so, how can I make it professional and sell my car instantly without hustle? Let them get the answers for the below doubts and know the tips and tricks to sell a vehicle with utmost satisfaction.

What are the primary reasons to sell my car?

It clearly depends on the decision of the owner and his mindset. All of a sudden, you might wake up from your sleep and find your vehicle too old and wanted to replace them sometimes. However, the age and condition of the car play an important role in determining the sale value and selling time of the vehicle, respectively.

It does not mean you have to sell the car just because it is old; it still depends on the situation of the owner and the sense the vehicle makes to the owner. Here are a few reasons that tell you when to sell a car out of the trade,

  • If you are a car lover and want to explore different machines, it is always best to sell your current old vehicle and move on with the new ones. Though the new car is going to cost you a little high, you can still make the down payment from the profit of the old car.
  • If you think you are spending much money on the vehicle to make it work on the road, then it is time to replace your car and sell the old ones. Here are the steps to figure out if the old vehicle is costing so much.
  1. You have to determine the worth of the vehicle ( usually through a car valuation check)
  2. Finding the cost of making it worth the road. You can make this with the help of the local mechanic.
  3. It is time to compare the cost and value of the vehicle.
  4. Be honest and accept the fact the vehicle is making so much repair and maintenance costs despite all the nostalgic moments it made.
  5. Make your mind clear and start to save the money that goes in vain.
  • If you think the vehicle is no safer on the road, then it is time to sell the vehicle without consideration. Safety should be your first motto if you are driving a vehicle with your family or even alone. So it is better to go with the new and advanced technologies which have better safety options such as airbags, electronic stability, better braking system, automatic parking, warning systems and much more.

Apart from this, there are so many other reasons to sell your vehicle. So you must be clear about the significant reasons to sell your vehicle.

But when should I sell my vehicle?

Okay, I know I have to sell my car and has the time come? Timing is all about while selling a car. There are so many attributes to consider while selling your vehicle. So it is always safe to make an advance plan before selling the car. It totally depends on the place and condition of people residing in a particular area.

  • The summer and spring: Generally, the used car prices hike up in summer and the spring (between March and August). To think from the seller point of view, it is better to go with this time, since people are more likely to buy used cars. But you should also take into concern about your new car shopping.
  • Winter and Fall: Usually, SUVs sell the best in fall and winter (depending on the place of your living, the condition might or might not change).
  • March and September: These two months are more likely to have much competition. People tend to trade more new vehicles these two months, and many used cars come to the market at this point in time. So it is always a better option to sell your vehicle before these two months to experience less competition.
  • Special occasions and holidays: The price of used cars tend to slow down in the holidays as most people buy used cars as a gift for their children or spouse instead of purchasing any unwanted material gifts.

What are the most convenient ways to sell my car?

If you have decided to sell the car, you will find several ways to sell it hassle-free. Here are some of the possible ways of selling a car.

  • Selling a car privately where only you and the buyer are concerned. It might be a time-consuming process, but you will find a better deal if appropriately negotiated.
  • Selling a car to a dealer (part exchange with the dealer). If you are about to buy a new car, then you can go with the dealer, where you can part exchange the vehicle straightway. You may not get a better deal as in the private sale but you and save time. It is one of the best ways of selling a used vehicle.
  • Selling a car online is more popular nowadays. You have to enter the complete details of the vehicle and the pictures of the car onto the website. If any prospective buyer finds your vehicle, you will get a better deal.
  • You can also get guidance from experts like a motorway to sell your vehicle in a quick time with a decent profit.

What are the essential documents to sell a car on motorway?

To sell a car in whatever way, V5C is one vital document that makes the selling process as simple as possible. You need to complete a four-step process to sell a car via motorway which is quite easy to perform

  • Enter the reg number of the vehicle and get the value of your car
  • Proceed with the basic details of your vehicle (colour of the car, fabric etc.)
  • Enter the service history details of the vehicle (fully or partially serviced)
  • Provide the wheels and tyre details.
  • Click best pictures of your vehicle and upload.
  • You are ready to sell your car at the best prices now.

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I have a written-off vehicle; will buyers show interest in it?

Probably not. Put yourself under the buyer’s shoes and think about it. Will you buy a written-off vehicle? No. However, if the vehicle is still roadworthy after some minor repairs, it can find prospective buyers. But do not expect a fair deal since people buying a written-off vehicle will expect it with a discount. It is vital to inform the DVLA about the selling of the car to escape from the penalty.

Breaking up with your old vehicle is a little hard but getting a new one is still interesting, isn’t it? Grab a vehicle history check from car analytics and get great deals on selling your used vehicle.