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Heavy equipment’s are one of the essential machines that are common to use in many industries. These popular industries are mining, agriculture and construction. These strong and robust machines come with different modern dashboard systems to provide information to operator. So operators need to know all signs, warning lights, gauge, indicators and symbols for the safe and hassle free operation. 

Our experts guide will let you explore some important symbols, lights and indicators of the heavy machine along with their meanings and importance. Every warning light have unique meaning along with their gauge. 

Lets check out more about Marsauto heavy equipment dashboard symbols along with highlight indicators and their meaning. Also, check out common warning lights and the gauge meaning.

What you must first know about heavy equipment dashboard?

The dashboard of the (Marsauto) heavy equipment is the main component to get enough information about the status and performance of the machine. This component provide information about gauges and warning lights to check engine temperature, battery level, hydraulic pressure and more. Getting knowledge about the gauge and warning lights assure the safe and efficient operation. 

Technicians and operators not only need to understand the signs of the heavy equipment, but they should also consider other information such as maintenance, hour meters and fuel levels. However, some modern dashboards have other features such as telematics systems, real time data and more to allow operators to monitor the performance and optimization schedules of the machine to assure productivity and reliability, The information below will be helpful to beginners as it highlights common issues and symbols that are now de facto industry standards. 

For particular manufacturers and models, you should rely on factory diagnostic and repair manuals, which you might order from dealers or websites with extensive technical information databases

Heavy equipment dashboard symbols that you must know!

Having a proper understanding of the lights, gauges, symbols and indicators is important for smooth and safe operation. This guide will explore some (Marsauto) heavy equipment dashboard symbols that you must know, such as:

1. Engine Oil Pressure Symbol:

This symbol is similar to the oil can and provide the engine oil pressure level. During the running of engine when the light brighten, it is the indication of low oil pressure. So operator must take instant action to avoid any damage. He must check the oil pressure and shut down the machine. 

2. Temperature Warning Symbol:

 The temperature warning symbol include radiator and thermometer that aware the operator about the temperature of the engine. When an operator notice light and flashing then it is the indication of the overheating of the engine. So operators must not operate the machine in such condition otherwise it will lead to damage. It means operator should stop operating the machine and let it cool.

3. Hydraulic System Indicator:

 The hydraulic system of the machine indicates different functions, including lifting, digging and dumping. Commonly this symbol is described as the small H in the gear which indicate the fluid level and hydraulic pressure. When the pressure drops suddenly, it can affect the performance of the machine  and must be addressed as soon as possible.

4. Battery Charge Symbol

The battery charge symbols look like the battery, with positive and negative signs indicating the machine’s electrical system. When an operator notices this light, it is the indicator of the issue in the charge system and the failed battery. So operators must check this issue and the cause behind it to ensure the proper functioning of the machine. 

5. Fuel Level Gauge:

  The fuel level gauge is the main dashboard symbol that keeps the operator aware of the fuel in the tank. Operating the machine on low-level fuel can cause damage to the pump and cause costly repairs. So operators must monitor the level and refuel the machine to avoid interrupted operation. 

What are some common indicators to notice?

Not only warning lights, the dashboard system of the heavy equipment also has indicators to provide information about the condition and performance of the machine. The indicators are engine RPM, gear position, system diagnostic and hour meter. So operators must understand such indicators to check the functioning of the machine and enhance the lifespan and performance of the machine. 

Engine RPM: 

RPM stands for revolutions per minute and indicates the rotating of the engine crankshaft. This indicator serves as essential in checking the performance of the engine and ensuring that the engine will operate within limits.

Transmission Gear Position: 

This indicates the current gear of the transmission, so operators must know this indicator to check the speed of the machine, and they can find the right gear for safe driving. 

Hour Meter:

This indicator shows the number of hours in which the machine run. It is the helpful indicator in maintenance and can help to schedule the maintenance and servicing accordingly to operating hours of the engine.

System Diagnostics: 

This indicator shows the status of system and component of the equipment. It also aware the operator about low oil pressure, high temperature and electrical fault in the machine. So operators can take instant actions to avoid any damage. 

What are the warning lights and gauge meaning?

On heavy equipment, warning lights act as the indicator of the issues and malfunctioning which need instant attention. Some common warning lights are brake system light, air filter indicator, temperature warning and engine soon light. Each light provide the information about the equipment system and allow operator to respond and prevent any damage. 

As heavy equipment shows different warning lights, it becomes challenging to understand all the symbols and lights displayed on the dashboard. However, technicians need to have enough training and knowledge about the symbols and warning lights. Also, operators need to take enough time to study the equipment manual and get training about the symbols to ensure that they can run the equipment smoothly without any damage. 


With the advancement in technology, heavy equipment is also becoming advanced with different symbols, indicators, lights, gauges, and more that serve as essential parts of the operation and maintenance of the machine. 

Operators and technicians must be well aware of all such dashboard elements to assure reliable, safe and smooth operation of all Marsauto heavy equipment’s. Also enough training and awareness about such symbols help to keep the working environment safe and increase the lifespan of the machine.

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