functions of a gps tracking system
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What do you think of first when you find your vehicle is stolen? GPS tracker. Nowadays, the GPS tracker is the cheapest and most reliable solution for car safety. It will track and monitor vehicle location data and provide the results live on the mobile application. Perhaps one of the first security solutions that use mobile applications in their work process. It is a little bit confusing for new car owners to purchase a GPS tracker because the use of each tracker depends on the purpose.

The live tracking feed on the mobile screen is a must-have feature in any situation. Even though all the functions in a GPS tracker will help secure the asset, a few unique features in certain situations will help more. The primary application of a GPS tracker with required functions is as follows.

1. Personal car

The personal car may be used for getting into the office and nearby towns. Here the owner knows the places where the vehicle is going to be. The common feature like Geo fencing will not be an effective security approach as the fencing area is too large.

Most vehicles with GPS trackers may fail due to smart burglars. It can be a reason to check if the car has been reported stolen before purchasing the preowned car. Then, what is the purpose of fixing it? Still, the only key to find in case of misfortune.

Even the thieves may get away with the car, and you will receive a late alarm notification. In this case, the ignition alarm in the GPS tracker is a good feature to look for.

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2. Agriculture and construction machinery

These types of equipment are being stolen from the worksite and not while in transit. The agriculture machinery is easy to steal as it is left alone in the field, and no security is provided other than the standard vehicle locks. In such situations, Geo fencing is a good option to look for in a GPS tracker.

The geo-fencing mechanism relies on the GPS tracker quality to locate the object. The machinery can be secured perfectly when a good GPS tracker with a location accuracy of up to 3meters is deployed on it. So, whenever an external source tries to move the agricultural machinery, the owner will get an instant notification. Similarly, for construction equipment trucks, trucks telematics system can be deployed for tracking and monitoring the trucks’ location, speed, and fuel consumption.

3. Taxi cars and delivery vehicles

These categories of cars will be traveling long distances every day. So, it is good to use a speeding alarm to protect the car from over speeding. Also, the ignition alarm will prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle. There are a few more features in the GPS tracker to protect transport vehicles. The SOS button is good among the alarms. It will send instant notifications to the control center.

4. Luxury cars and antique cars

Unlike taxi cars and personal cars, luxury cars have comparatively reduced displacement per day. So, setting up a Geofence around the garage will be ideal protection for it. Also, a shock alarm will be an added security because it will let you know about unwanted collisions on the car while parked.

Along with all these features GPS tracker comes with more additional security elements to always ensure its service. The battery alarm is an essential function. The tracker will send a notification to the mobile app whenever the battery percentage falls to a specific limit.

The communication between tracker devices and mobile applications is possible using the internet connectivity provided by M2M sim cards. It is also considered a security enhancement feature as the M2M sim card will always help to maintain the connection in a stable mode.


The tracker is also deployed to protect various items in our day-to-day life. It is actively helping boat owners to secure the boats on the water. Other areas include luggage tracking, container tracking, and cargo shipment tracking. Once the alarms and their uses are understood in detail, the GPS trackers can be assigned when they suit the requirement.

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