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Buying a Classic Car – Here Are Some Vehicle History Checks You Need to Watch Out For

Buying a classic car demands a lot of care because it could be extremely costly to purchase, renovate, and retain. However, the good news is the value of antique and vintage cars appreciates contrary to mainstream used cars that depreciate as time passes. No matter what is your purpose to buy a classic car – investment, fun, collection, or a project – there are certain vehicle history checks you must carry out to avoid buying a lemon car.  Today, we will discuss every vehicle history check you should execute before buying a classic car. Read on: 

Vehicle History Checks List for Buyers

Vehicle Title

A vehicle title tells about the owner of the vehicle. The classic car must be registered to the seller. Some classics are not registered at all. You can carry out a Vehicle Ownership Check to find out previous ownership records or apply for the new vehicle title if it is not registered. However, you may not be able to get the keeper’s details of a car more than 15 years old because the data may not exist. 

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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must tally with the Vehicle Title. A variation here should ring alarm bells. It could be accidental, stolen, or may have a fake title.  Get a VIN Check; it will clear everything. Know Why VIN Number Check is Important?

Vehicle Mileage

A classic car with low mileage is worth a lot more compared to the one with very high mileage. So, it is wise to perform a vehicle history checks containing the Mileage Check/Anomaly report to find any inconsistency in the odometer reading.

MOT Test

A classic car title does not exempt it from the MOT test, so you must know its MOT status and MOT due date. An MOT History Check will reveal complete vehicle MOT history encompassing advisory and failure notices.


Check if a vehicle has been stolen, written-off, has any outstanding finance & more

Vehicle Condition

Inspect the classic car for cracks in the windshield, dents, scratches, rust, leaks or puddles underneath, musty smell inside, and so on. You need to check so many things before your purchase, but there is one quick solution to this. Perform Insurance Write-off Check, and you will find out if it has been in an accident. The wearing signs could be due to an accident. However, an accidental car may or may not reveal all the signs of wearing, so you must perform a manual inspection by hiring the services of a mechanic.

Vehicle Number Plate

Number plate change is widespread in the UK, and car owners do it for various reasons. While it could be due to the owner wanting a personalised plate, it could also mean the owner is looking to hide the car’s true identity. Therefore, it is wise to perform a Vehicle Number Plate Change Check. We recommend buying a classic car with a zero number plate change history. If you accidentally buy a classic car with legal issues, the Police can take its legal possession.

Other Vehicle History Checks

Besides, you can perform a lot many other inspections like scrap check and police stolen check, among others. The idea is to know everything about the vintage car you want to buy. A few of these checks are free, while others require you to pay a little. 

For instance, a Free Vehicle History Check includes full MOT history comprising MOT status, mileage history, advisory, and failure notices. However, if you require VIN Check, Number Plate History, a Basic Vehicle History Checks costing around £1.99 is all you need. Additionally, if you want critical assessments, including insurance write-off, police stolen check, etc., you should get a Full Vehicle History Checks costing around £9.   

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Our Verdict

If spending just £9 tells you everything about an expensive classic car you love, then it is not a bad deal at all. Go for a full vehicle history check for your peace of mind, as it includes all the tests we have mentioned above. Check all the deals.

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