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Free Car Check – Don’t Get Ripped Off

A free car check report is something you need before the vehicle purchase to avoid getting ripped off in the UK. It includes basic car information in addition to the present or potential problems with the vehicle you are not aware of. For instance, the MOT advisory data helps you find out the problematic components in the vehicle. If the issues become serious, they could compromise the vehicle’s safety on the road. Would you like to purchase such a car? We are sure you will not!  

While our free car check is an excellent choice for you to shortlist your favourite vehicle in the UK, if you really want to avoid getting ripped off, you should also know the vehicle’s accidental, scrapped, stolen, and financial history. All these and other important details like mileage anomaly and keeper’s details are part of our premium car check, which just costs you £8.95 for the first check and £6.99 for all further checks.  

Why should you trust Car Analytics’ free car check report?

While there are tons of free car check providers in the UK, a few things make CarAnalytics distinct and stand out. These include:

1.      The amount of information we provide in our free check ranges from MOT history, vehicle tax status, vehicle age, odometer reading, V5C count, import/export data, basic vehicle specification, running cost, fuel consumption, and performance data that also includes BHP check. There is rarely any other service here that offers all these details at zero cost. To find out what information we offer in our free car check report, you should read this blog post.

2.      We provide a data guarantee of up to £40,000, which means we are very confident that all the vehicle details we provide are 100% accurate.

3.      We have thousands of satisfied customers who rated us very high (4.8 out of 5 stars). A good 97% of our customers recommend us on Reviews.co.uk

What other information do you get?

When you check vehicle details through our free car history check, we query the DVLA database and our partners to fetch information for you. We do not charge a single penny for the data we get free. However, we have to pay for certain particulars. And if you want access to such data, you have to pay us a nominal fee. Therefore, apart from the information we offer in our free car check, nothing is free. 

For instance, our car valuation report is not free but is a part of our affordable Basic Check (£1.99). Car valuation is a must for every car buyer and seller owing to the convenience it provides to both the parties. However, this paid check comes with other important information such as the number of previous owners, keeper’s history, number plate change history, colour change history, VIN check, and so on. All these checks assist you in finding out the hidden car history. 

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How to check previous owners of a car for free?

While we have detailed the process of finding the owner of a car by licence plate number previously, you must know it is a premium service, so you cannot have it free. Furthermore, you must understand that no car check service in the United Kingdom offers you owner details, not even the HPI Check. You can only know the number of keepers and their date of registration.  

Here we would like to through some light on the significance of the Previous Owner History Check, as well. A vehicle changing multiple owners in a short period possibly show it is not reliable. It is also a fact that the more owners a car has, the lower is its valuation.   

How to check vehicle spec by reg free?         

Another boon to choose a free car check is obtaining the car specification details. Just give your vehicle’s registration number, and we will tell you the Make, Model, Engine Size, No of Gears, Transmission, and Fuel Consumption along with performance specs, including Top Speed, Power RPM, Power BHP, Power KW, and Torque. While these are not complete car specifications, they do provide a good picture of the vehicle you are eyeing at.  

How to check if the car is HPI clear free?

HPI clear is a catch-all term, which simply means the car or the motorbike in question has no hidden problem and is perfectly safe to buy. It also signifies the vehicle is not stolen, written-off, scrapped, clocked, nor has any secret history of plate change, etc. 

If we give you a clean chit in our best HPI check alternative, you should pursue the car purchase without a second thought. However, neither HPI nor any other firm can provide this service for free. With us, you can save a lot of money, though. Our HPI clear check just costs £8.95 compared to the report offered by HPI Ltd for £19.99. Do not worry; we offer all the data you would get from HPI Ltd, and it will be 100% accurate. Now, it is your choice if you want to save half the money on your next car check or not.       

A free car check does not include a free car finance check or a way to check car service history. However, it does offer plenty of data that allows you to narrow down your car search and move towards a hassle-free buying process. We do recommend taking our full car check for complete peace of mind. After all, you do not buy a car every other day!   

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