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There are various situations in which you might find it necessary to find a car owner by registration number:

  1. If your vehicle was involved in an accident, you could note the other car’s registration but couldn’t capture the driver’s details.
  2. A particular car consistently obstructs your driveway or disturbs the peace near your home, and you’re uncertain about whom to address regarding the issue.
  3. In considering the purchase of a car, you can confirm the seller’s ownership before committing.
  4. You may simply want to locate an old car you once owned.

Can I get previous car owner details from the vehicle check?

In the UK, No car history data check provider offers the vehicle owner information, not even an official HPI check.

The car history reports uncover the following details:

  • The date when the previous owner registered the vehicle
  • The number of previous keepers as per the logbook
  • The vehicle first registration and vehicle age
  • Full vehicle description, including its make, model, colour, engine size, transmission, etc.Determining the owner of a car solely based on its registration number is a complex process. Regrettably, neither free nor premium ”vehicle check’ services can furnish you with the personal details of a driver using their registration number alone.In specific, limited situations, obtaining an owner’s details through their registration number might be possible. The DVLA likely holds the information you seek, but regulations bind them and won’t disclose personal information unless there is deemed ”reasonable cause” for such a request. ”Reasonable cause” typically pertains to road safety matters and vehicle use events.For a more in-depth understanding, please consult the DVLA’s informational booklet, ”Release of Information from DVLA’s Register.”

Here’s a guide to know why and how to keep track of car owner details online.

Is the seller/dealer informed about the previous car owner?

There are chances where the dealer might advertise the car has a limited number of previous owners or one so. However, you know that you’d be the third owner if you choose to buy the car.

However, it makes a huge difference since you never know how many owners the car has had. It’s better to know the details when you go through certain situations, the dealer may be genuine, but the vehicle is at fault. It’s okay to spend a few pounds to know the car’s previous owners.

Why you should know who owns the car?

Buyers have to think of another side of the coin, mostly dealers; the car may look simple and good. If it comes to selling the car you need to know its value, and if your car has many owners or any other potential risks, then it is tough to sell.

It’s better to keep the previous owners not more than the four. If it exceeds, it would be tough to sell. However, the car valuation depends on various factors like mileage, age, condition, and service history.

Keeping the number of car owners up to four is that nobody wants to buy the car that runs for long or keep swapping of ownership. So, better think twice as it is a huge investment.

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Did you check the car ownership before buying?

Car ownership can be anyone who owns the vehicle right now; it can be a seller, dealer, scrapyard, or a new buyer. When you fail to inform the DVLA about ownership of a car, it results in potential fines. And you’re responsible for dealing with offenses even if the new owner commits.

How to transfer car ownership?

You can apply for transferring the car ownership online get it from the DVLA website. For that, you need to provide the 11 digit reference number from the vehicle registration document. You will receive the confirmation mail to the mentioned name; it can be the new owner or you after submitting the form online. You or the new owner will receive the new logbook, but it might take five working days.

Transfer of car ownership to dealer or scrap yard:

Whether you decided to sell the car for scrap or to the dealer, you need to fill the sections & send it to the DVLA.

You can find the registered keeper’s details from the V5C when you transfer to a new owner, except when the vehicle is sold to a dealer or trader. In scrapping, the remaining parts of the logbook are sent to the trader or transferred to the scrapyard.

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