Trader dashboard features
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Car Analytics feel elated to launch our new trade deal offers and dashboards to make the buyers ease during purchase. Here is the complete guide to our features and how you can benefit from using our service.

What exactly you can expect from this new feature?

Our motive is to ease the purchase of the used car buyers/ dealers in a better way. As a result, we designed a dashboard that lets you search for your dream vehicle in a broader approach. It means you can analyse where you stand on the market. Accordingly, plan your sales strategies through transparent data and enhance your efficiency in used vehicle operations. Check demo dashboard now.

Benefits of using a motor trader dashboard

What details do the dashboards have?

• Top searches by locations

Know where are your customers from? It means you can easily trace the real-time searches based on the location. In that way, the dealer can easily target their customers and increase their markets. You can increase or can contact with the other dealers to collaborate.

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• Top searches by make

Which model attracts the car drivers or in their recent search? Ford is most likely a used car and topped as best-selling used cars. This dashboard tells you other brand models /makes that have a great interest in people’s minds. These top searches based on the make give a hint to target the customers based on the brand, and it is great for the used car dealer.

• Top searches by colour

The dashboard reveals the search results of used car colours based on the recent searches. What can you get from it? Decide which cars you can keep in your garage or can get what colour car is not in your garage. This move may increase your visitors and drive better results.

• Searches by body type

What do your buyers actually like to expect from the car?

Design, space and shape, coupe, sports car, hatchback, convertible, SUV or saloon- these are some vehicle body types where most of the search is also based on this. Car dealers can decide what kind of vehicle types are likely to sell based on the priority of the searches.

• Searches by fuel type

Some garages may be famous for selling electric or hybrid vehicles. And, the industry has decided that after 2030 petrol and diesel vehicles are expected to ban. And, to prove this point, this year, second-hand electric cars showed a double in the sales trend. The dealers can easily keep an eye on the trends of fuel type to know buyers’ preferences in choosing hybrids or electric cars.

• Searches by car age

Age is something where buyers usually search for the intent of the latest, classic cars. The dashboard tells the metrics of a car age searches through the five metrics starting from 30, 20, and 5 years, classic and latest cars. It would be helpful for the dealers to focus on which year, preferably the buyers look into.

This dashboard features is likely to be add-ons of the bulk check plans, you can find the trade vehicle check packages here.

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