What Has Happened to Number Plates When a Car Gets Scrapped?

car scrapped check

Every car has to reach the end of its practicality one day. When that happens, you have to scrap it and inform the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to get the car scrapped title. The DVLA issues the certificate of destruction once the Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) completes its job.

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How Does the UK Number Plate System Works?

uk number plate system explained

If you’re wondering how old a used car might be, we tried to answer all of your questions about UK number plates, from the history of the plates to how to quickly monitor the vehicle age from the number plate and other methods.

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Free Car Specification By Registration Number

check car spec

Car specification is the first step where you have to determine how you actually want your car. It gives you short descriptions of vehicle essential details which are kept for display in a car dealership. But, if you choose to buy a car online or need to confirm the vehicle details, then a car spec check service is required.

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Get Car BHP Check for Free Right Away

BHP check

Car performance is one of the most crucial aspects for buyers these days. Either you love to floor the pedal for an adrenaline pump or want extra power to conquer different terrains, the urge for more power never ends. And when it comes to overall performance, we always look into the car’s Horsepower (HP) or Brake Horsepower (BHP), which is the amount of power an engine can generate. To find the horsepower rating of a vehicle, you can check the owner manual or take our car bhp check.

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What Should You Do If Vehicle Number Plates Have Been Cloned?

cloned number plates

If you lately found being the victim of having the cloned number plates, then directly contact the police or authority who issue fine or penalty proving the vehicle is not there during the crime. Cloned number plates turn to put you at high risks when your car has been incorrectly identified. Any of us could be next to land up in such a situation; what should you do if your number plate is cloned.

Here’s the free guide for answering your queries. Let discuss further.

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A Complete Guide to the V5C Logbook (Update 2022)

V5C logbook explained

When buying a used car, you can’t blindly trust the seller or dealer. There is no shortage of used-car scams in buying and selling it. And it is why the importance of a used car V5C registration document plays an important role.

Here is the complete guide to know how a vehicle’s logbook is essential and it’s legal standards.

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Why VIN Number Check is Important?

Why VIN is important

Have you been searching for a suitable used car in the auto market? You’ve probably seen a variety of vehicles and carried out different tests and inspections to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. But did you perform the VIN check? Why is this number so crucial, and what does it reveal? But first, it’s essential to know what the number is and where you can find it. Let’s find out:

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