4 Major Functions of a GPS Vehicle Tracking System

functions of a gps tracking system

What do you think of first when you find your vehicle is stolen? GPS tracker. Nowadays, the GPS tracker is the cheapest and most reliable solution for car safety. It will track and monitor vehicle location data and provide the results live on the mobile application. Perhaps one of the first security solutions that use mobile applications in their work process. It is a little bit confusing for new car owners to purchase a GPS tracker because the use of each tracker depends on the purpose.

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New Driving Laws 2022: 5 Major Changes to Drivers

major changes in driving laws

If you are new to the roads of the UK, then you must be aware of the basic driving rules of the UK and its regulations. It will make you fit to drive legally on the roads of the UK without any fear after acquiring the UK driving license.

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Top 5 Driving Apps in London

driving apps UK

In a time where we use an app for every single chore, how we can forget about driving apps. If chosen right, these driving apps can save you money, time, and fuel. With so many of these available for Android and iOS, the question is which ones are perfect driving companions for your trips in London and beyond. Today, we will talk about five best driving apps that will make your journeys enjoyable, hassle-free, and affordable.

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How Brexit Will Affect Used Cars?


Ever since the EU referendum in June 2016, a huge wave of uncertainty lingers on for the UK, European Union, and pretty much the entire globe. With an influence on travel, trade, security, and a whole lot more, all the commotion around Brexit continues to flummox various businesses throughout every sector.

Does the automotive industry come into the picture as well? You might be second-guessing purchasing used cars considering the numerous Brexit repercussions.

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