How often should I service my vehicle?

car servicing

Vehicle servicing is a smart way to keep your vehicle in good shape and save money on repairs. Only when you take your car for service you will be able to identify serious and potential problems; it may be expensive to repair. Did you know when your car needs to be serviced and when it is due? We have all of the answers.

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Check MOT History: How it impacts used car purchase?

check mot history

An MOT History Check is a powerful source of information. The vehicles which are more than three years old need to take for MOT. It is a legit and mandatory test to ensure the car is in roadworthy condition. In the UK, the MOT test is highly recommended for keeping the UK’s roads safer. 

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A Free Vehicle History Check for Irish & UK Vehicles

car check Ireland

Either you are looking to buy a used Irish vehicle or a second-hand UK car, you should check its history to familiarise yourself with its past. In comparison, a car check in Ireland works the same way as a UK vehicle history check; not all car history checking services offer both.

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Planning to Switch to an Electric Car? Know these 6 Tips & Advices

tips to know before switching to electric cars

Thinking about moving from a diesel or gasoline vehicle to an electric vehicle? In the UK, there are 11.6% of new EV cars were sold in the last year (2021) It is essential to be aware of a few points. For example, due to the tiny market for used electric vehicles, you may have to travel and make certain concessions to get the ideal vehicle.

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Do You Know the Important Checklist of Car Service In 2021?

car service

A full car service checklist should include all the components that need an inspection for a safe and hassle-free journey. You can create your own list by consulting your car’s owner manual or rely on our general advice. Here’s a sample car service checklist for 2021.

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What Cars Have Had The Greatest Increase In Value In 2020?

vehicle enquiry

Contrary to a decline in used cars prices with age, this year we saw an unusual rise in their value mainly due to pandemic. The demand for secondhand cars increased owing to people avoiding public transport. Moreover, people who had the jobs and money had used it to buy vehicles because they couldn’t go on holiday. Considering this situation, we advise you to stay vigilant with vehicle enquiry and run a car check before selling or purchasing a used vehicle.

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How Long Can Your Car Go Without Servicing?

car servicing UK

While it is crucial to service your vehicle regularly, the UK car servicing interval can be different for different automobiles. Typically, the service intervals are six, nine, and twelve months. If you want to notice how long your car can go without service, check the factory-recommended maintenance schedule. You can find it on your car’s owner manual or service booklet.

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