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Do You Need Car Registration Check Before Purchase in the UK?

Before we answer this question, it is crucial to understand “what is a Car Registration Check.” A car reg check is a report that provides you necessary vehicle information. It includes the car’s make, model, performance, and fuel consumption, along with hidden data that can make or break the deal.

For instance, the report tells you if the car you are buying has an outstanding loan, was involved in an accident and written off by the insurer, was stolen, scrapped, or cut-and-shut, the number plate changes had, clocking history, and so on.

As you can see, all these things can help you make an informed buying decision. Therefore, you genuinely need a reg check to avoid falling into a car scam.

That said, we strongly suggest you do not just buy any car check in the UK. Do your research and only order your report from the best UK vehicle check service.

How to get your vehicle information from DVLA?

Getting vehicle information from DVLA is straight and simple. Just open this page, give your car registration number, and bingo. You will receive the following car details with a DVLA reg check:

  • vehicle tax status
  • SORN status
  • when its MOT expires
  • the date first registered
  • last log book (V5C) issue date
  • year of manufacture
  • type approval category
  • weight
  • engine size
  • fuel type
  • emissions – CO2, real driving emissions level and European status

If you like to know the current or previous registered keeper of a vehicle, you have to request the DVLA separately. Furthermore, you can get specific details like date of first registration, year of manufacture, engine size, CO2 emissions, colour, and current vehicle tax rate through phone (0300 790 6802).

Can I find who owns a car by the number plate?

Yes, you can, but it is not as straightforward as you assume it is. The easiest way to find the owner by number plate is by checking the V5C document for that plate. If you do not have access to the V5C, the second method requires you to approach the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA). Before you ask the DVLA, who owns a particular vehicle, make sure you have a ‘reasonable cause.’

We have written a detailed article on how to go about it, which you can read here.

What does a vehicle registration check include?

A vehicle reg check, also known as car history check, fetches information from various authentic sources to reveal different facts about a particular car, bus, lorry, motorcycle, or van.

What a registration check has depends on your source and the data plan they offer. For instance, Car Analytics offers you three data plans – free reg check, basic reg plate check (£1.99), and full car reg check UK (£8.95).

The Free report comes with information like MOT history, insurance and tax status, vehicle age, mileage, import/export status, V5C count, DVLA vehicle specification, and so on.

The Basic report has everything you get in a free report plus the keeper’s history, plate change history, color change instances, scrapped status, VIN inspection, engine number, and car evaluation.

A full car registration check includes all available in the Free and Basic reports as well as details of its outstanding finance, written-off category, stolen history, mileage anomaly, and so on.

Whether you want to go for a car reg check free or the paid one is up to you. What you need to analyze is the amount of information each car registration check offers and the price they demand. Comparing it with the UK’s most popular HPI check, Car Analytics is not only cheaper (compare here) but also offers a lot more details than what you would receive through HPI.

What is the difference between a car registration check and a number plate check?

Technically, there is no difference between the two. A car’s number plate and its registration number both are the same. What happens: the DVLA registers your vehicle and assigns it a unique number. You should connect to the UK registered number plate supplier, give them the car registration number, and get your number plate.

When you set out to find a UK vehicle’s history, you need to find only a reliable data provider like Car Analytics. When we say reliable we mean the service that has got recognition from a reputable organization.

Car Analytics is the right choice in this regard. We have recently received the “Best Vehicle History Check Service 2020 Award” from SME News Magazine, a famous quarterly digital publication for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK

What hidden details I can find through a reg checker?

You can check everything you can imagine with our car reg tool. We cannot say the same for other services in the UK because every vehicle data history is different. Here’s what you can get when you run our car registration check:

  • DVLA vehicle registration details
  • Full MOT history
  • Mileage history
  • Whether the vehicle has been exported or imported
  • Vehicle performance data
  • Total running costs
  • Environmental details
  • Any number-plate changes
  • keeper changes
  • Any colour changes
  • If the vehicle has a scrapped history
  • If it has been VIC inspected
  • A five-band valuation including dealer forecourt price, trade-in price, and private sale price
  • Outstanding finance information
  • Insurance write off details, including the category
  • Checks against police national computer and insurance databases to see the car’s stolen status
  • Mileage anomalies
  • Whether the car is considered a high-risk purchase

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Should I go for a free reg check or paid vehicle reg check?

Well, if you are serious about buying a vehicle, we highly recommend opting for a paid car reg check. A free car registration report offers limited information, which will not be enough to make an informed buying decision.

For instance, the free check will not tell you if the vehicle has outstanding finance, got an insurance category, had been stolen, scrapped or clocked, and other crucial details you might not know. Only a comprehensive car registration check can reveal all these aspects and more about a vehicle (go through the answer to the previous question).

Compare our packages and decide which set of information is more important to you.