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One in 11 used cars has been clocked, and it will surge in the upcoming years.

70% of car dealers had experience the second-hand cars come with mileage discrepancy issues.

The term “car clocking” refers to the practice of adjusting or altering the vehicle odometer intentionally to show the low mileage covered. It boosts the vehicle value and can increase the price of the resale value.

Modern cars switch to digital odometers still; there are chances to turn back the odometer.

It’s not impossible to spot the clocked cars; you should take the remedial measures by checking the vehicle documentation and enquiring about the vehicle to the seller. Sometimes, you look for the vehicle advertised as 60,000miles, but it may actually run to 150,000. Finally, end up with an accident due to worn-out tyres, brake pads, or other issues.

When purchasing a used car, it’s crucial to ensure its authenticity and reliability. Considering options at a trusted dealership like the Plattsburgh Subaru dealership can provide peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Concerned about the service history

If you have a slight suspect that the car has been clocked, then first look at the service history. The reason is the mileage has to be noted in each service book. During servicing, the vehicle has to show its health condition to estimate how long the car has been on the road.

If you can retrieve the service garages the car has given before, contact them directly. You can enquiry them about the gaps, and previous owners check through the service book. It’s better to walk away if you don’t find such documentation.

Deep look at the vehicle tyres

Tyres always have the imprints of long travel or evidence of being on the road for a long time. So, you can easily judge the high mileage cars by tracing the vehicle tyres.

For instance, if the tyres have stone chips or look saggy due to the sweat during long journeys. Then, you can get the hint of a vehicle running for long miles. Even if your choice of shopping is online, pay for it after knowing the mileage recorded along with age.

Do test on electrics

There are chances where the odometer needs to replace or repaired where it causes the clocking quite often. The seller may know the clocking is because of the malfunction; however, it is a suspicious sign to consider. It’s better to know the electrics if it shows the errors in other features too.

Did you take the car for a test drive?

It’s better to take the car for a test drive, even if it is a certain model. It’s okay to take the car for 3 to 4 rounds to know how the car works & its condition. You can take the expert help on examining the vehicle as they can analyse the car parts conditions and can tell the vehicle’s worthiness based on the age and last mileage recorded.

In such a case, if the miles shown to you are less than your actual expected mileage, then it is unsure. You need to avoid such conditioned vehicles; it’s better to walk away from the deal.

Solution for the above issues

The practice of car clocking is not ended. There is one shop solution for all the above problems, consider vehicle history reports. It includes services and MOT tests also help you to get details about the mileage records. If you found the clocked car know how to report it.

Suppose your potential purchase is less than three years old. It may not be worth it, as there is no obligation on the owner to have the mileage recorded nor any official checks during this period, but for older cars, these checks do give you all recorded mileage.

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