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Either you are looking to buy a used Irish vehicle or a second-hand UK car, you should check its history to familiarise yourself with its past. In comparison, a car check in Ireland works the same way as a UK vehicle history check; not all car history checking services offer both.

You’ll get free car history checks for all vehicles registered in England, Wales and Previous Northen Ireland (supplied by the DVLA prior to 2009. It is the VRM that was on this vehicle prior to it being registered with the DVLA)  at Car Analytics. So, you are in luck!

Here, we will discuss a few common and vital questions people ask about car check Ireland. How does it differ from the UK car history check? Is the reg check Ireland costlier than the UK check? Let’s find out:

What is an Ireland car registration check?

The Ireland car registration check provides essential information about a vehicle’s registration status and history. It confirms if the car is legally registered and if there are any discrepancies related to its registration.

Information included in the report

The car registration check report includes the registration date, tax, number of previous owners, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It also verifies if the car has been reported stolen or involved in any legal issues.

UK car history report v/s Irish car history report

Car check report will show the hidden history that helps the buyers to decide their vehicle and tells if the seller is dodgy one. The UK report shows the history of the car in the United Kingdom and will let you check if the car is previously registered in Northen Ireland.

The only distinction you might find is that a car check Ireland mentions NCT (National Car Test) instead of MOT (Ministry of Transport). Both are roadworthiness tests, and they are necessary for vehicles that are more than three years old (owners need NCT after four years in Ireland).

The UK free car history check reports reveal the history of the car, which are defined following information:

  1. MOT status and MOT due date
  2. Vehicle tax status
  3. Car’s registration date& age.
  4. Odometer reading (mileage) at the time of the latest MOT test.
  5. Basic vehicle details.
  6. Total estimated vehicle running cost every year.
  7. Vehicle economic and environmental details.
  8. Vehicle performance data.
  9. Complete MOT history, including advisory and failure notices.

You would get these details when you run a free vehicle check. Opt for the complete vehicle check. You also get to know about write off status, outstanding finance, a mileage discrepancy, stolen history, number plate change history, previous owners history, and much more.

Remember, you can’t find the critical checks for the Irish cars like shown for the UK vehicles.

Irish vehicle inspection prices

The free check for a UK vehicle doesn’t cost you a single penny, while the full car check only costs £9.95.

On the other hand, if you use an Irish check website, the full report may cost you anything between €25 and €35. Compare us with other UK vehicle history providers. For instance, Irish reports usually include Previous Taxi / Hackney Check, which is mostly not part of our UK vehicle check.

Is a UK MOT valid in Ireland?

Since the United Kingdom is not a part of the European Union now, an MOT is no longer valid in Ireland. Therefore, a private vehicle you import to Ireland that is four years or older needs a National Car Test (NCT) as per the registration date in Ireland.

You can book MOT in Ireland.

Are used cars cheaper in the UK than in Ireland?

Since the UK’s used car market is a lot bigger than Ireland, the prices are generally less in Great Britain. However, after Brexit, you might not find much difference in UK imports because of VAT.

Understand “Brexit has caused VAT on GB used car imports to Ireland from Jan 2021.” It has appreciated the cost by 21% (23% from Feb).

“Import Duty may also be billed (10%) on select vehicles.” Before you buy any vehicle either in the UK or Ireland, compare prices on sites like Autotrader.

Find vehicle owner by number plate Ireland

In Ireland, all vehicles are required to be logged with the National Vehicle File database, and these checks allow you to tap into that database and reveal the information it contains. All you need to get started is the car’s number plate and a valid reference number. An Ireland car check or car reg check will help steer you in the right direction.

Common checks before you buy an Irish/UK car

  • Ask about the car history and the number of previous owners
  • Check if the vehicle is written-off
  • Watch out for the car for wear and tear. It includes checking the tyres, wheel arches, oil, and seatbelts. If you detect any problems, ask the seller for an explanation or walk away from the deal.
  • Find out all possible ways of potential threats by checking the odometer reading and loopholes in the paperwork.

At Car Analytics, we offer whether the vehicle history holds any of the signs that it is previously registered in N. Ireland before buying a second-hand car. From our report, you will be highlighted as yes or no. You need to just add the car reg number here, and you will receive an instant report. In addition to these, you must also insure your vehicle through an insurance provider.

Answering your questions

What is the best way to check my car history in Northern Ireland?

If you would like to obtain the MOT history (past results) for a vehicle tested in Northern Ireland, don’t hesitate to contact the DVA customer service department by email.

Where can I find information about the history of my Irish car?

Enter the registration number of any UK or Irish vehicle. With VRT partnership with the best car history check provider in Ireland, our customers can import a car from the UK with peace of mind.

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