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Buying a used luxury car is a wise choice for many owing to the quick depreciation in the resale value of the new car after just a few years. It means you can get a six-figure luxury sedan or SUV on the fraction of its genuine price if you follow certain guidelines.

We’ve give those guidelines that will help you save money, time, and efforts during your purchase. Never buy a pre-owned luxury car without inspecting. The experts will examine Body Exterior, Engine Compartment, Electric Controls, Interior/ Luggage Compartment, Front Suspension/Steering/Under Frame, Rear Suspension / Under Frame, Clutch/Transmission, Exhaust System, Fuel System, Brakes, Wheels and Tyres.

In this blog we’re going to list the most things we need to check when buying a used luxury car.

Book a vehicle inspection

It is not a good idea to buy a used luxury vehicle without a Pre- purchase Inspection (PPI) for maximum peace of mind and trouble-free operation. A car inspection by the appropriate dealer is highly recommended for any vehicle you’re considering. This allows a trained technician familiar with the ride to inspect it from rims to roofline for signs of any issues or problems. Additionally, when considering a pre-purchase inspection or exploring options for purchasing a used vehicle, seeking assistance from a reputable dealership like the Plattsburgh Toyota dealership can provide expert guidance and ensure a smooth buying experience.

If you detect any issues on the car then include them in the price negotiation process. While conducting the PPI you can also talk regarding the software updates, so it may came to know whether it is available. Owing a luxury car with all software updates is high recommended to avoid system failures. Read more about vehicle inspection here.

Stay away from vehicles featuring air suspension

Air suspension is a handy luxury feature that enhances ride comfort. However, we suggest avoiding buying a used luxury car with an air suspension system. As the system gets old, leaks and failures are a common occurrence. If you want to go for it, make sure the vehicle comes with extended warranty coverage. It will save you from costly repairs when the system goes bad.

Inspect the battery and electronics

With so many high-tech systems installed in a luxury car, it obviously requires a healthy battery to operate them. Before the purchase, make sure you check all the electronic systems for problems. If they pose any trouble, it means the battery is weak and may need replacement.

Avoid modified cars

Stay away from used luxury cars that boast extensive modifications. The reason is the alterations void the warranty and compromise the vehicle’s safety. The suspension alteration can trigger wear and handling related problems. As a vehicle checker, we have seen lots of luxury sedans with engine tune-ups and suspension modifications to bump up their acceleration and speed. Make sure you buy a used car that is as close to its stock model as possible.

Get a car history check

When looking at a specific pre-owned luxury vehicle, don’t forget to run a car check! When you visit the luxury car lot, this should be the first thing you ask for and look at. A vehicle history check can save you from purchasing an accidental, stolen, and unfit car. The report contains a outstanding finance check, write-off check, MOT history, and much more in it.

Inspect central command system

The branded central command systems are a delicate piece of tech that controls lots of functions. You can connect Bluetooth, make and take calls, run audios or videos, and so on. Unfortunately, owners can easily destroy them by throwing their coffee or any other liquid on the centre console.

Therefore, it is wise to check every function of the system by connecting your Smartphone with it. Apart from using it for calling and playing media, you should run all menus and commands as well as check all buttons for their consistency. The vehicles featuring a central control knob, dial or joystick also require good inspection.

As you perform each function, keep an eye on the central command interface. It should work appropriately without any delay or malfunction. If any of the things we mentioned above isn’t working properly, you may require a hard reset, a software update, or have to change the central command system completely.

Think of the additional costs

Before planning to buying luxury cars think of yourself whether you can afford for the additional cost? There is no such thing as a one-time luxury car purchase. If you buy a used luxury car instead of a new one, you’ll still have to pay for maintenance even if you save quite a lot of money.

The replacement parts such as brakes, Rear Suspension, tires, Engine compartments of luxury cars are customized especially for the particular model, so they will not be affordable nor easy to find. Luxury cars are typically bought for the driving experience, not for the low cost of ownership. For those with a limited budget, a fully loaded version of a mainstream ride is a better idea.

Investigate for modifications

You should avoid buying a used luxury car if it has been extensively modified by an aspiring rapper or race car driver using cheap parts. Previous owners have modified many used luxury sedans in one way or another. Some upgrades include computer chips or tunes, especially on turbocharged or supercharged models. Some owners also purchase suspension modifications that lower the vehicle or install oversized wheels.

Know its market value

The market value of a vehicle is the price it would have sold for at a reputable dealership just before it was damaged or stolen. When looking for a used luxury car, consider the market value of the models you’re interested in. Make no offer without first determining its worth.

Finally, Test Drive

Be patient when you arrive at your test drive. Try every high-tech luxury feature fitted to the vehicle in question, perhaps spending 15 minutes or more.

  • Does the top-of-the-line stereo work?
  • Are the power trunk closers working properly?
  • Are the ventilated seats working?
  • What about the rear-seat entertainment system?
  • Keyless entry?

Before you drive, explore all of the car’s features and make sure all functions are functioning properly. Find out now if anything is wrong.


Being a luxury car shopper, the responsibility is on you to examine every function of the car from the stereo system, trunk, ventilated seats to rear-seat entertainment, a head-up display, and keyless entry. You must also connect with an affordable and the best check my car service in the UK to get the car history report of the used luxury vehicle for peace of mind.

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