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Everyone knows that used cars depreciate, so if you decide to buy one, how long will it take to amortise and is it worth the money? This is exactly what purchasers would believe. The market, on the other hand, flipped on its head, as seen by the spike in used vehicle prices following the chip shortage. The demand for old cars is growing, indicating that motorists are embracing the idea of buying used cars.

Here is a quick guide to help you make an informed decision when purchasing or selling a used vehicle.

Instructions for car purchasers

1. Buy a vehicle that retains its value

Did you choose a used car that is worth your money and a car with resale value? It’s better to look for your preferred model at a genuine price with zero adverse histories. If it is about the resale value- car colour, year of registered car, number of the previous owner and how well you keep check on the vehicle health.

2. Popular car brands

A market survey about the hottest cars is usually a good idea to find great deals. After all, the popular vehicles are well-liked for a reason, so why not check them out. The chances are that what you are looking for is the same as several other people.

Best-selling marques in the UK include Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes- Benz, BMW, etc.

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3. Where should you buy a car?

Finally, ensure whom you are buying the vehicle from. It is your choice of picking the cars from the dealer, online or privately.

If you’re buying it from someone who has the imported cars, ensure they are not stolen and the dealer certified to sell the vehicle. You can follow the simple steps to reveal the hidden past through a vehicle history check. With a Car Analytics report, you can conclude whether the vehicle has outstanding finance, is involved in an accident, is a victim of the mileage anomaly or has a fake number plate.


buy and sell used cars

Five tips to sell a used car

1. Know how much your car is worth

The market decides your vehicle’s worth; it’s a fact even you keep the vehicle as your special possession. Once you decide to sell, the value of the car is evaluated by the things like age, mileage, its condition, and service history.

We recommend running the car value check on Car Analytics to know the estimated sale price of your car based on your vehicle mileage. Ensure your vehicle has no adverse history, and if any, it would be challenging to sell it.

When it comes to trading your car, keep it clean & provide the proper servicing.

2. Decide who offers the better price for your car

It’s your choice to sell privately on a classified listing or auction website. There are chances to hit a better deal, but you need to show the car to prospective buyers. If you wanted to sell your car fast, choose the car buying site or part-exchange it for your next vehicle at the dealership.

3. Weigh the pros and cons of sale method

As already said, it’s completely your preference but make sure you strike a great deal! You should then be aware of the pros and cons of your choices.

Selling your car privately is a good way to get the highest price. The process is quite long and frustrating because you need to start from the buyers, and you have to follow up for the further process and need more admin work.

Selling online usually guarantee money in your bank account once the buyer purchases it. It is best for the cars which cost above £2000 below, or least worth cars may get more by selling it for scrap.

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4. Plan your negotiation tactics

Ensure as a vehicle owner; you need to know about the minus on the car before the buyer does. If the fault is severe, avoid the idea of selling the vehicle or else rectify by repairing or replacing it. Although your car is worth selling, the buyer comes to negotiating the price, so better inspect it.

5. Do proper paperwork after deciding the payment methods

When selling the car, missing keys and paperwork are added as a negative value. Ensure you locate all your keys, V5 document, service and clear MOT history. If you fail to keep these documents, the buyer might drop the deal.

Prepare the checklist to sell your car & crack the deal!

Secondly, if the buyer accepts your offer, then hand over the keys once they pay for it. If it is an online route, ensure you directly visit the buyer and ask for the digital transaction statement. And, reputable buyers will definitely agree to it.

Third, you need to send the remaining part of the logbook to DVLA and don’t forget to cancel your car insurance & reclaim the road tax. There are chances that motorists failed to reclaim the road tax for the rest of the year once they sold the motor.

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