Six Things to Check While Buying a Used Bike

In recent statistics, the number of bicycle thefts fell to around 77 thousand in England and Wales in 2021. More than 50% of all reported bike thefts were from home. It’s quite a terrible right!

The assumption is the vehicle can be moved into the used bike sales by masking its identity. What should you do if you end up in such a vehicle?

In this blog, you can find out how to buy a second-hand bike with peace of mind.

Buying a used bike can be a stressful task, even if it is your first time and especially when you choose to buy a used bike. Most motorists look at the price; if it goes beyond the planned budget, they try to bargain. But, ensure you are negotiating for the bike, which is good in condition without any high risks.

Aware of a few things when buying a used motorcycle

What actually is the bike?

Research your favourite model bike and get some idea about what it looks like and what parts it should have as standard. However, it depends on what type of bike you choose to buy.

What if the bike is just a scam?

Most of the vehicles have some hidden issues which the seller conceals. However, as a buyer, you should prepare a checklist of possible threats in the market and know how you will escape from these threats.

It can be anything like vehicle documents that can be created with one or a few details intentionally removed just to profit.

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Are your intuitions right?

Some motorists trust their instincts when buying a vehicle. It’s good to also confirm your thoughts are saying the right thing by taking the appropriate checks. Like, if you find the vehicle with no service or logbook has any missing or gap between the information, it’s better to investigate with the seller or the previous owner.

Pictures tell a story. Did you know?

Most bike lovers who look at the online ads just believe it is true and choose to buy. But, it is actually wrong; you should know it cannot be the real one. Always go for a physical view of any vehicle to know the vehicle has any scratches, which the seller hides by colouring or adding extra features.

Could it be a stolen bike?

There are high chances that you can’t find the real owner. It means the seller and the vehicle are not genuine. Selling someone’s car by masking its real identity is very common.

It’s better to get the full bike check report to know the real risks. We, help you highlight the information of stolen vehicles with the date of theft and police contact information.

Did you check the frame?

Have a look at the dents and scratches on the bike. Scratches are possible on mountain bikes. If it looks like the frame or parts are rusted, avoid buying such a bike. Do enquire when the bike was recently repainted and know what are currently modifications made.

Questions to Ask If Buying a Used Bike

Whether you’re buying a second-hand bike from a dealer or online auction, ensure you get advice from the expert. It could save you from a loss or fall into pitfalls surrounding making such a purchase. It’s true that you can find better deals but buying second-hand bikes needs an experienced mechanic to know the potential purchase.

Check the bike’s condition, including any broken parts or need work. Most owners keep receipts of last car service history or maintenance work or parts. Here are a few queries you need to know:

  • How long have you owned the bike?
  • Have you got the original purchase receipt?
  • Know when the bike had a service, where and what work lastly carried out.
  • Did the last owner replace or repair it under the manufacturer’s guarantee?
  • Is the bike has any current issues?

It is better to consider when the seller has proof or an answer to these questions. If not, it is a sign either you have to cross-check the details with the bike check reports or else walk away from the deal.


The used vehicle market has potential risks that buyers should identify before accepting the deal. Here are a few things that motorists failed to notice, even with a checklist of what to check. Don’t forget to ask questions to confirm the used bike is worth it and know the seller is hiding the history of the bike.