Benefits of A HPI Vehicle Information Checks In 2022

Before buying any used vehicles like car, van, or motorbike in the UK, you need to carry out its cosmetic, sound, and engine checks. But how would you know about the vehicle’s history? Is it stolen, written off, or has an inconsistent mileage or outstanding finance? Of course, you cannot find these details on your own unless you take an HPI Checks or best alternative car check. 

Let’s discuss. What is precisely HPI check? How it benefits the used car buyers in choosing the vehicle?

What is an HPI check?

HPI check is a vehicle data check service offered by the Hire Purchase Investigation (HPI) Company & pioneer of this service. However, new, improvised, and budgeted vehicle checking service providers give their best in helping used car buyers. 

Car Analytics reports are also similar to the HPI check services with the better version. What makes us different? 

  • Offers comprehensive reports for the UK registered vehicles at £9.95.
  • Data sourcing from reliable providers like DVLA, PNC, MIAFTR. 
  • Compared to other providers, Car Analytics is the cheapest car check in the UK.

Know who offers the cheapest HPI check in the UK & choose your provider. 

benefits of hpi

Why is an HPI check required for used car buyers?

There is no denying the fact that HPI Ltd is the oldest Car Data History provider in the United Kingdom. Over the years, they have generated numerous HPI checks and collected a lot of hidden data.

According to HPI statistics:

  • 1 in 3 vehicles they inspected had a hidden history
  • 1 in 4 cars had an outstanding finance
  • Out of all the cars they analyzed in a day, 30 of them were stolen.
  • 1 in 5 cars has had a plate transfer
  • 1 in 20 vehicles had a mileage discrepancy
  • More than 649 cars they analyzed every day were written off.

Beyond these stats, there are indications to warn you about the history which are running costs (includes fuel, road tax, emissions and economy), maximum speed, how much torque develop, brake horsepower. 

No one likes to shop for a vehicle with a hidden history of outstanding finance, accident, number plate change. Did you think it is a good idea to buy a stolen car with an average value of £8,000? Do you know a clocked car can cost you £1,497 more than its actual price?

All this information can get by simply inputting your chosen vehicle registration number and investing in an alternative instant HPI check for just £9.95. (Prices and data above, as of 10th Aug 2020, E&OE).

Note: Either HPI or Car Analytics are not offering checks through Vehicle Identification Number. 

What are the benefits of vehicle checks from Car Analytics?

Car Analytics is the cheapest HPI check alternative offering vehicle history information similar to HPI.
Here are seven points to answer for why you need to choose Car Analytics above other providers.

  1. Check a vehicle history report at £9.95 instantly. Starting from MOT and tax status to the highlights of high-risks.  
  2. There are three levels of checks – basic for free, important checks for £1.99 and critical checks for £9.95.
  3. For the second vehicle check, pay & get at £7.77- which is a unique offer for our customers who carry for next vehicle after the first one. 
  4. Don’t worry about the accuracy as we source the vehicle details from reliable officials. Even you can use data guarantee offers at £30,000 if the details are mismatches in the reports.
  5. Make use of other options if needed like shopping for a used car, selling, booking your MOT & service and car insurance from our trustworthy partners. Your one-stop solution!

Are there any drawbacks of a vehicle check?

There are a few cons buyers might face after getting the vehicle checks.

Although, the vehicle data is accurate as it is sourced from the DVLA, PND and a few other agencies. For example, if the vehicle owner hides the accident history from the insurer, there is no severe damage, but the accident still impacts the vehicle. It is considered as unrecorded salvage. Because of this, you can’t expect to list in the insurance write off check.