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Alert Yourself With The New Driving Rules Of The UK

If you are new to the roads of the UK, then you must be aware of the basic driving rules of the UK and its regulations. It will make you fit to drive legally on the roads of the UK without any fear after acquiring the UK driving license.

The very first thing that makes you fit for the roads of the UK is a UK driving license. Apart from this, various parameters are to be taken into account to drive a vehicle safely in the UK. Let us get them one after one in this blog.

Why is it essential to know the driving laws UK?

The best driver is the one who knows and obeys the road rules of the country. It is not only about the UK. Wherever you go in this world, every country has its own rules and regulations that have to follow by the drivers to avoid unwanted road crisis.

Every one of us thinks that we are good drivers until we realize the road rules properly. By knowing the driving laws of the UK, you can avoid risky road accidents, hefty fines and prevent damage to your vehicle.

What is the eligible age to drive on UK roads?

Seventeen (17) is the legal age of any new rivers to start driving on the roads of the UK. Though you can drive from the age of sixteen, you are eligible to get the provisional driving license UK only by seventeen.

If you are new to the UK, then you have to satisfy the age limit to get your UK driving license and can process the further requirements. If you want to rent a vehicle and drive on your own, it also has specific rules. You have to complete 21 years to rent a vehicle on your own. It is best to opt for UK public transportation if you are below 21.

What are some of the fundamental road rules in the UK?

Here are some vital driving tips for the new drivers that could help them on the roads,

  • It is fundamental to drive the vehicle only on the left-hand side of the road.
  • You have to wear the seat belt if you can (there are exceptional cases). Else can be fined up to £500.
  • Every vehicle should pave the way for the emergency vehicle.
  • You should not drive if the blood alcohol limit is higher than usual else will be penalized.
  • It is important to check car tax before taking the vehicle out. It is illegal if you take out a SORN vehicle on the roads of the UK.
  • You should possess a UK driving license to meet the vital qualification.
  • Depending upon the type of road you are driving, the speed limit varies, so it is important to make sure.
  • Everybody should follow the traffic signs and signals properly.
  • It is against the road laws of the UK to use mobile during driving. If the call is an emergency, park the car safely and make it.
  • Parking in restricted areas is offensive and should not park there.

Is it essential to know the road types of the UK?

Yes, it is essential to know the type of roads, so it will be easy for the drivers to access the speed limits. Each road has a different speed limit in the UK, and it has to be followed without any violation. The road systems are in the alphabetical letters M, A, B, C and D.

  • M roads are the longest and the fastest in the UK, and that are motorways. Speed limits of the motorways are 70 miles/hour. Mostly new drivers, learning period drivers and pedestrians should not enter this road.
  • A-roads are the main roads of the UK and have a speed limit of 60 miles/hour with a dual carriageway. Roads have traffic lights and roundabouts which is not present in the motorways.
  • B-roads are more minor than A and are used to link the A roads with limited traffic.
  • The last two roads C and D, are in the rural areas with short lengths. Mostly it is of singletrack.

Does a used car possess any special road rules?

No rules in the DVLA differ for a used vehicle. Every vehicle in the UK possesses the same road rules. Apart from this, it is the buyer’s responsibility to make a vehicle check to prevent the car from any kind of risk factors.
If the vehicle has an accident history or mileage discrepancy, it will significantly affect the car on the roads, and there are high probability of unfortunate accidents. To avoid such consequences, a DVLA car check is mandatory, which adds to your safety precautions. Services from car analytics are pocket friendly and will give you the best comprehensive vehicle check report instantly.

Can I drive in a ULEZ zone after getting a UK driving license?

ULEZ zones are low emission zones that target the older, more polluting vehicles to control the toxic air pollution in and around the UK. Your vehicle must meet the ULEZ zone standards. Else the driver has to pay the daily charge to drive in the particular zone. Mostly the charge for diesel is high compared to petrol and electric vehicle. It includes cars from all categories starting from motorbikes to heavy vehicles. Know-How Ultra-low Emission Zones Affect Your Car?

What are the rules to drive with children in the vehicle?

If you are driving with children, then some extra care has to be taken. Children below age 12 should get into the car with a child car seat. Once the age reached above, they should wear the seat belt. Make sure you use the UK approved child car seat to ensure safety.

Having a UK driving license alone will not make you a better driver. It is vital to all the roads of the country where you drive with utmost safety. This blog has given you the entire primary driving tips but not legal advice. You can also go through the DVLA website to know more about the road rules of the UK. Happy driving!