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A car comprises various parts that come together as one and perform effectively on the road with a better driving experience. Each part has a distinctive feature that helps to function accordingly. One of the most essential components of the car is the tyres.

Most car owners show negligence and they don’t understand how impactful the tyres are for the vehicle. It is because they are known to be the only part that comes into contact with the road surface and tyres. On concrete or curvy roads, these are the tyres that give the vehicle a better performance experience on the road.

Tyres are known to be the crucial part but still, it is highly ignored by most of the owners. The negligence of tyre maintenance will impact the performance on the road. Tyres are the necessity that every car requires for functioning on the road.

As the daily commuters, the conditions of tyres decline which is why keeping it well checked and maintained is important. Not doing so will make the condition even worse. Most tyre manufacturers produce different types of tyres while considering the requirements of road and weather conditions.

This could also vary depending on the driving style. Different kinds of tyres for different purposes include summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, all-weather tyres, performance tyres, run-flat tyres, part-worn tyres, budget tyres, and electric tyres.

Importance of tyres

Good quality tyres do a lot for the vehicle. It comes with various benefits giving a better experience throughout the journey. They typically offer a guaranteed performance of safety and comfort. All four tyres touch the ground which as a result helps to support the vehicle in challenging situations.

These car tyres are necessary because they help to carry the load of the vehicle.The tyres help the vehicle to move, stop, or turn which increases the comfortability of the ride.

Buying cheap tyres might impact the performance on the road which is why factors like safety, comfortability, performance, and longevity are the essence that is offered by the tyres. It should be maintained regularly with utmost honesty. The tyres are essential which is why it undergoes several checks such as tread depth, tyre pressure, uneven wear, and bulges or cracks.

The tyres should be chosen wisely to suit the vehicle.

Techniques to Increase Tyre Life  

Some factors need to be considered for the extended life of the tyres. This could be possible with the thorough care of the tyres as a part of the daily schedule. A good-fit tyre will always last long.

Following are some tips to expand the tyre lives for the longer run:

-Regular Pressure Check

No matter how busy the vehicle owner’s schedule is, it is a must to at least check the tyre pressure once a month. Whenever you are planning a longer road trip, you need to check the tyre pressure beforehand to get rid of any discomfort. The vehicle has a tyre pressure monitoring system dashboard light which is the reason most of the drivers rely on it and they don’t check manually before riding.

These dashboard lights only alert the drivers that the pressure is below 75%. There are instances where a brand new will get punctured every month. This situation can’t be neglected because doing so will make the car difficult to handle, impact the fuel economy, and give every ride a higher risk of life. Every tyre requires different tyre pressure as there is no such universal pressure requirement.

-Requires Rotation

The vehicles consist of a front wheel, all-wheel, and rear wheel, and any tyre you opt for your vehicle will determine handling, traction, and condition in different seasons. If there is any damage with these three factors, tyres will suffer as it is the principal factor that gets all pressure.

The vehicles consist of pressure that is more likely to be uneven. The vehicle’s front wheels tend to wear faster in comparison with rear wheels because those tyres are used more often if your vehicle is handling the rear wheel then these wheels put great effort. It is however important for all the wheels to get rotated. 

-Need for Wheel Alignment

While driving if you feel a vibration, misbalanced steering or the car pulls at one side it means that your wheel requires alignment. These are not any kind of replacement or repair, they just need to be aligned for proper functioning on the road.

If your vehicle wheel is not at the centre it is considered to be one such sign that it is an urgent requirement for proper alignment. There are situations where little misalignment remains unnoticed this could hamper the tyres and might cause you more in the longer run.

-Adjusting Driving Styles

Driving your vehicle at a faster speed may be exciting but it affects the tyre’s health and life. Aspects like aggressive acceleration, speedy steering, and rigid braking are not good activities for the tyres. These aspects increase the risk of accidents and decline the performance.

It is always important to treat the tyres gently for better performance on the road. The tyres already fight on concrete roads and challenging weather conditions, so they should not have more trouble for a longer life.

-Rubber Hates Sun

Tyres with bulges or cracks at the sidewalls impact the performance. Bald tyres often lead to awful experiences on the road. Before most drivers thought that tyre performance declined because of use over the years, which is one aspect but there is another overheating point.

The tyres get overheated when driven for hours as UV impacts the tyres. It is always advisable to store the vehicle in the garage and carry spare tyres with you.


Tyres are the necessity of the vehicle which needs to be taken care of at regular intervals for better performance in the long run. Every tyre the vehicle holds is equally important. Keep it well maintained so that drivers will perform with utmost confidence.


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