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Looking for the best vehicle history check to buy your next vehicle? We know how complicated and confusing it can be to search for a reliable company that conducts genuine car history checks since there are tens of services out there.

Here are some comparisons we made to ease your searching process and an overview of what you’re getting into:

5 Best vehicle check services in the UK 2024

Car Analytics

Car Analytics has prioritized cost and reliability; three packages are available, all competitively priced. The products include a free basic car history report and a full report that may be purchased for up to £30,000 under certain conditions.

Free Check

Basic Check £1.99

Full Check £9.95

MOT history, vehicle age, export details, performance, and tax status

VIN check, euro status, the record of color and plate changes, keeper history, engine number, import details, VIC inspection, and VRM record before registering with DVLA

Outstanding finance, write-off details, Certificate of Destruction, mileage anomaly, stolen or any disputes related to the car

*Prices and data above mentioned as of 22nd November, 2023, E&OE

The Auto Experts:

UK’s most affordable and trusted car history check providers. There are three different checks with amazing pricing. This also includes 5 price band market valuation starting from just £2.99 per check, also includes single check and multi check. It also provides a data guarantee of up to £30,000.

HPI check

Among the most well-known brands for a car history check is the HPI check. Over the years, due to reliability in the market, it has earned its way to becoming a generally known vehicle check service. They offer two levels of services, namely, basic check and full HPI check.

It also provides a data guarantee of up to £30,000. The advantages of numerous checks are also available to you for £29.97 (Redeemed within 3 years).


Basic Check £9.99 Full HPI Check £19.99
Details of accidents, outstanding finance, stolen, written-off, imported or exported Details of mileage inconsistencies, MoT history, finance agreement, tax, logbook, market valuation, plate change record, CO2 give-offs, write-off

*Prices and data above, as of 22nd November, 2023, E&OE

RAC check

RAC gives a basic check for £9.99 that covers standard car history details. A total check costs around £14.99, including if the vehicle has any outstanding payment, details of stolen, written-off, scrapped, MOT failure, mileage anomalies, vehicle valuation and the average running costs. It also provides a data guarantee of up to £30,000. There are discounts and offers for the RAC memberships.

Car tax check

A car tax check offers a free check that includes MOT history, running cost, tax status, mileage, and safety recall. Their second level package covers the vehicle details on write-off, import/ export status, scrapped, stolen and changes on colour & plate. The total check costs you £9.99 by highlighting the finance agreements and the basic & free check report details.


Carveto offers a similar data service with price differences. It means the basic check reports cost £7.90 and the total check at £12.90. The primary check covers the details of stolen, write-off, and import & export details, whereas the full check contains the vehicle finance agreements and the data guarantee. It also has the same protection coverage of £30,000.

Which is the cheapest and the best vehicle check in the UK?


Car Analytics

Car Tax Check


RAC Check

HPI Check

Free History Check






Full History Check






Data Guarantee






*Prices and data above mentioned as of 22nd November, 2023, E&OE

The above table shows that the Award winner car analytics offers the cheapest and best vehicle check. The used car purchase is tiring, and one needs to invest smartly by running a vehicle check. Also, it is best to seek expert advice rather than relying on the seller’s offered details.

Ensure you buy a used car with peace of mind!

Online best vehicle check services:

Online vehicle check services have been experiencing a significant rise in popularity in recent years. These services offer a practical and effective means for individuals to obtain detailed information about a vehicle’s history and condition before purchasing or conducting any transactions. 

Various factors contribute to the rising popularity of online vehicle check services:

  • Accessibility: Online vehicle check services are easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Users can access these services either from the convenience of their homes or when traveling, smartphones or other devices.
  • Time and cost efficiency: Traditional methods of obtaining vehicle information, such as visiting multiple agencies or conducting physical inspections, can be time-consuming and costly. Online vehicle check services streamline the process by delivering reports quickly and at a fraction of the cost, saving both time and money for buyers.
  • Trust and Confidence: Vehicle check services instill trust and confidence in buyers by providing unbiased and reliable information. These services pull data from various sources, including government databases, insurance records, and other trusted sources, assuring the integrity and correctness of the data supplied.
  • Online marketplaces and platforms: The rise of online marketplaces and platforms for buying and selling vehicles has also contributed to the popularity of vehicle check services. Many online platforms integrate vehicle check services directly into their platforms, making it convenient for users to access and analyze vehicle history reports while browsing listings. It is also important to check for tyre reviews from trusted online platforms like tire reviews.


In summary, a complete vehicle check when buying a used car in the UK is crucial for safety, financial protection, legal compliance, verification of ownership, preservation of resale value, and overall peace of mind. It empowers buyers with comprehensive information to make informed decisions and avoid potential risks associated with purchasing a used vehicle.

In addition to vehicle checks, investing in professional car valeting services can help maintain your car’s appearance, protect its interior and exterior from damage, and ultimately contribute to preserving its value and improving resale potential.

Answering your questions

1. Are vehicle checks worth the expense?

Purchasing from a private dealer, are vehicle checks worthwhile? Absolutely, in our opinion. Take the seller’s word for it; you need to know, for instance, whether the car has outstanding finance. This is true for imports, exports, stolen vehicles, and other similar situations.

2. Which car check is the best in the UK?

The best car check to use is Car Analytics. Not only it offers the most information but also it is currently the cheapest and affordable car history check in the UK. Which includes outstanding finance, stolen, written-off, plate/color change, mileage history check, high risk.

3. Can I get a free best vehicle check?

Yes, however, many free vehicle check providers offer very limited information, and therefore, a free car check might not tell you whether you should buy the vehicle you are considering. Car Analytics provides more information than others, even with a free check.

4. Can I track a vehicle using its number plate?

No, it is not possible with any “vehicle check” service. Therefore, you could contact the DVLA instead.

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