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Stolen Car check

A stolen car check gives the vital data you can use to guarantee, that the vehicle expected to be purchased is not stolen. Like other stolen merchandise, a stolen car will no doubt have all the signs of being impeccably real.

On the off chance that they discover their vehicles, the first proprietors are well inside their rights to recover them, regardless of whether you realized the vehicle had been stolen or not. This will burn a hole in your pocket and you’ll be left without a vehicle, where your only strategy is to make a lawful move against the merchant to recover your cash.

With a Car Analytics Vehicle History Check you can detect a stolen vehicle, before chaos ruins your peace of mind.

We also provide a free car history check at Car Analytics, to help our people find a solution the fastest, and the most feasible way.

Precautions to abstain before buying a stolen vehicle

With regard to stolen cars, the weight of duty is arguably on the purchaser to make the vital checks in advance to guarantee the concerned vehicle has not been stolen. Regardless that it was purchased in all trustworthiness, the police will still grab the vehicle, and moneylenders can demand interest installment in the event that it had been on a finance plan.

When purchasing a vehicle there are various things you can do as a precaution:

  • Check if the records are genuine − Always request the first duplicate of the V5C enlistment archive and search for the DVLA watermark. You ought to likewise guarantee the V5C report is authentic by checking the issue date and sequential number.
  • Check the reports coordinate − Always double check that the MOT docs and administration history coordinate the V5C subtle elements. You ought to likewise check the enrollment number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) coordinate those recorded on the V5C.
  • Check if buyer is authentic − Ensure the vendor’s location on the V5C matches their driving permit, international ID or bill.

You should be cautious about the working of PCP as it will lead to certain issues legally.

What we do

We at Car Analytics give you the best administration by showing the stolen car check report and in this way making you mindful about the quality of the vehicle before you even purchase. "Prevention is better than cure", why scramble for a used car without checking? Check with us if a car is stolen before you buy!