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MOT History Check

The DVLA MOT check is a yearly trial of vehicle security, roadworthiness and fuel emissions required in the United Kingdom for most vehicles, more than three years of age. Utilized on any route characterized as a street in the Road Traffic Act 1988; it doesn't have any significant bearing just to expressways yet incorporates different spots accessible for open utilization, which are not interstates.

On the off chance that your vehicle does not finish the MOT test, the inspector will give you a warning of refusal containing subtle elements of the flaws which should be fixed for the retest.

If you can't alter the test outcome, offer to discuss with the inside administrator on the day. In the event that the first choice is maintained, you will be offered the chance to lodge an appeal or make a formal complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the test result, you should make a request by filling an appeal form and to appear again for DVLA MOT check. DVLA will at that point offer an arrangement inside 5 working days to re-check your vehicle.

It is better to make a free car history check at Car Analytics, before you try to buy a used car!

What we do

Check car history online with Car Analytics that gives you detailed insight about the date in which the vehicle has gone for a MOT check. It doesn‘t just give the ongoing MOT check date; it also gives you the entire rundown of dates till the point when your vehicle went for a check. Test outcome has been separated with green and red hues for your benefit. Mileage of your vehicle and the warning notes has been recorded independently for every single visit. Disappointment notes has been refreshed for your brief knowledge of the vehicle which you are going to buy.