Car Breakdown Insurance Cover − Competitive and Comprehensive

Selecting car breakdown insurance can be quite a challenge. There are several breakdown insurance products available but it is important to read carefully everything that is on offer, to establish exactly what is covered and what is not covered. There are a number of breakdown insurance services available, some are offered as a part of another service, personal banking being is a good example. However, these breakdown insurance products are not always as comprehensive as they could be and, although are often competitively priced, when put to the test they do not offer all that they should.

Car Breakdown Insurance − What’s Covered?

Most people will consider car breakdown cover when they are embarking on a long or important journey, or if they use their cars daily and a breakdown would cause huge problems for them. But simply going online and selecting a car breakdown insurance policy without doing research and checking out the small print as to what they are going to be covered for is essential. Consider the following key areas of car breakdown cover insurance:

  • Roadside Breakdown − what are your levels of cover if you break down on the roadside?
  • Home Start − If the car will not start at your home what do you do?
  • Motorway breakdowns? Are you covered to remove your car from the motorway in the event of a breakdown? And if so, where will the car be taken to and what happens after that?
  • Car or person car breakdown insurance cover. Is it the car that is covered with your breakdown insurance policy, or is it the car that is covered?
  • Overseas car breakdown insurance. Are you travelling abroad and if so, is the car covered for mechanical breakdown?
  • Personal liability in the event of any issues arising from your car breaking down.
  • If your car cannot be repaired quickly are you insured for accommodation or a hire car?

Check the small print of any accident breakdown insurance policy to ensure that all of these questions are answered fully before committing and if in doubt make sure that you ask all of the relevant questions.

Why is Car Breakdown Insurance So Important?

Car breakdown cover is much more than just vehicle recovery in the event of a roadside or motorway breakdown. Naturally it will be important to recover the vehicle as quickly as possible, but what actually happens after that? Where is the car recovered to and, if the car cannot be repaired quickly are you stranded? Are you covered for a hire car or accommodation while the car is being repaired? And what happens in the event that your breakdown impacts on other road users, be that an accident or personal injury?

Car Breakdown Insurance − Peace of Mind

Car breakdown insurance is, of course something that no one will ever want to have to use. The real test of a good breakdown insurance can only really be assessed when it is actually required. This is the time when many people regret not reading small print that actually states what they are covered for and what their car breakdown insurance does not cover. However, for most people the peace of mind that they will be looked after professionally and efficiently in the event of a car break down is worth the premium itself.