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Car Analytics Bike Checks: Cost-Effective and Fully Comprehensive

With bike crime rapidly increasing in the UK, particularly during the 2020 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, the stress associated with potentially purchasing a stolen motorbike is not an uncommon feeling. Even outside of the context of the pandemic, consumers should be wary of whether the bike they would like to purchase is a stolen one or has outstanding finance. The smart and important option to take is to check before you buy. It’s crucial for your peace of mind and saves you all the stress and concerns! At Car Analytics, not only do we offer car checks, we provide a choice of free, low-cost and comprehensive bike checks for your convenience so that you can ride away with confidence.

Why is Bike Check Important?

Why else are bike checks a crucial step to take? Because they are the best way to guarantee that your chosen motorbike doesn’t have outstanding finance, isn’t stolen, hasn’t been written off and doesn’t have a mileage discrepancy. There is a range of concealed details that you should aim to uncover before making a purchase, and getting the cheapest and most comprehensive motorbike check is an easy way to do this.

In an ideal world, purchasing a motorbike or a vehicle, in general, would be more straightforward, and consumers wouldn’t have to be concerned about any of these factors and hidden details. But with bike crime increasing exponentially in the UK, a full motorcycle check, or an alternative motorbike HPI check is highly useful to find out whether your motorbike is safe to ride. You can also save yourself money as, if the used motorbike that you have purchased has been registered as stolen and you are unaware that it belongs to someone else, it’s unlikely that you’ll get your money back.

When is a Bike Check Required for a Motorbike?

It’s clear, then, those bike checks are essential, but it’s also necessary to recognise that checking your motorbike’s history should always be carried out before purchasing it. Not only does a motorbike HPI check ensure that your chosen bike is roadworthy, it will save you money and help you to ensure that you haven’t unknowingly purchased a stolen motorbike – which, if unchecked, is a headache waiting to happen.

The benefits of carrying out a motorcycle check are numerous, and with the range of options available via Car Analytics, checking your chosen motorbike couldn’t be easier.

How do I Use Car Analytics’ Free Bike Check?

Find the best vehicle history check with Car Analytics you will recognise that purchasing a motorbike is a considerable investment. It is for this reason that we enable users to make use of the most recent technology to ensure that carrying out a free bike check is straightforward and easy. It can easily be carried out on our website.

Using our free online bike check is fast and simple. All you need to do is to locate and enter your registration number into the registration search option on our website, and you’ll receive a report straight away, at the click of a button. Our free motorcycle check contains a high level of detail and is an extremely useful way to find out vital information about your next used motorbike.

What is Included in the Free Motorbike History Check?

Car Analytics’ free bike checks provide the full MOT history of your next bike, which includes the mileage history and its failure notices. Not only will you get the full MOT history, but you’ll also be able to find out the MOT due date as well. A range of other information is too available such as data on the bike’s fuel and CO2 emissions in addition to its performance data and total running cost.

Taking advantage of the data and details provided in our free motorcycle check is helpful; however, certain information can only be discerned by a full bike check, through which you can discover if a bike is accidental. A motorbike HPI check also reveals the bike’s stolen status, which brings us to our next point.

How Can I Find Out if a Motorbike is recorded as Stolen?

Finding out if a motorbike has been stolen requires the same steps as checking a car. If a bike has been stolen, it will be flagged by the UK Police National Computer. There are also a range of database websites that can be used to discover if your chosen used motorbike has been stolen, but to get more details about your bike at the same time, using Car Analytics’ full motorcycle check is highly useful.

As a motorcycle VIN check is included in our full bike check, our alternative to the motorbike HPI check will inform you of your motorbike’s stolen status. It is an important step to take before purchasing, allowing you to ensure that the motorbike you have your eye on doesn’t belong to someone else. And because there is no way to know if a bike has been stolen other than carrying out a full bike check, we recommend that you don’t skip this fundamental option.

However, if you’re uncertain about opting for the full motorcycle check, investing in the basic motorcycle check is another choice that can benefit you greatly.

What is Checks Available with the Basic Bike History Check?

The basic bike history check provides you with plenty of advantages. You will be furnished with a detailed report that contains a range of information and statistics on your chosen motorbike. You can make use of our basic bike check to carry out the all-important checks before you ride away, and find out the answers to your pertinent questions such as the following.

How Can I Find Out the Number of Previous Owners?

You might be wondering, for instance, how you can find out the total amount of previous owners. Well, although our basic bike check doesn’t offer specific details or personal information associated with previous owners, the total number of previous owners of your chosen bike is provided for you. Getting information regarding the motorbike’s registered owners is a possibility and can be obtained from the DVLA should you require it.

How Can I findout if My Bike’s Number Plate Has Been Changed?

The various other perks that come with our basic bike check include the ability to find out if your chosen motorbike has a history of number plate changes. With the basic bike check by Car Analytics, this even includes being able to know which vehicle registration mark it has been changed to, in addition to when it was altered.

How Can I Find Out if My Bike Been Scrapped?

Car Analytics’ basic motorcycle check also includes data from the DVLA that will let you know if the bike has been scrapped previously. Carrying out a basic motorcycle check is, therefore, a fast and easy way to find out if your motorbike has been scrapped but has slipped back into the market unnoticed. Of course, if the basic bike check indicates that the motorbike has been scrapped in the past, it is better to look for a different one.

How Can I confirm that the Chassis and Engine Numbers are Legitimate?

This is another advantage of Car Analytics’ basic bike check – it will validate and confirm whether or not your chosen bike’s chassis number matches the DVLA’s details, which is done via a motorcycle VIN check. The basic bike check will also ensure that your engine number is legitimate.

Which Other Details are available in the Basic Bike Check?

There are a few other benefits and details available to you with our basic bike check, which include the ability to find out if your bike has a history of colour change, the chance to have your bike’s vehicle registration certificate inspected and to receive a valuation for your chosen motorbike. With the colour change data provided by the basic bike check report, you will be notified as to whether the bike has a history of colour change. In relation to the bike’s vehicle registration certificate, the bike check report will check to see whether the registration certificate belongs to the bike. The valuation provided by the basic bike check gives you an accurate, true bike valuation ranging from the dealer forecourt, the trade-in and the private sale price.

Why is a Motorbike HPI Check or Full Check Important?

With bike crime being rife in the UK, a motorbike HPI check or full motorcycle check is a fundamental step to take. For a motorbike HPI check, it is particularly important to be aware of the motorcycle’s VIN number when observing a motorbike HPI check report. This means that you should look out for any discrepancies related to the motorcycle’s VIN number before purchase. A motorbike HPI check is essentially a full, comprehensive motorcycle check, and will provide a motorcycle VIN check simultaneously.

While a VIN number can be checked using the National Insurance Crime Bureau website, there are other ways to access more data on your chosen motorcycle. Car Analytics’ alternative to a motorbike HPI check provides a range of additional details that can be viewed at the same time.

Not only will a motorcycle VIN check will enable you to guarantee that the motorbike’s VIN number is legitimate and hasn’t been altered, but it will also inform you whether the bike might have reported as stolen. This is exactly why a motorcycle VIN check should be a top priority for you.

Car Analytics motorcycle check is the exact equivalent to a motorbike HPI check, the only difference being that our price is significantly lower.

What Other Data is provided in a Motorcycle VIN Check Report?

Ranging from the motorbike’s history to the mileage and various other issues, a motorcycle VIN check is useful for a range of reasons. A motorcycle VIN check will act as a shield against purchasing an illegal motorbike.

A motorcycle VIN check will tell you about the bike’s unique features. It will also provide you with information about the specifications and details about the manufacturer. It’s important to use a full check to run a motorcycle VIN checks as, given that a VIN number is unique to each motorbike, a VIN check ensures that there are no red flags, including theft or whether the bike’s identity has been cloned.

What Checks are Available with the Full Bike History Check?

As mentioned previously, reaping the advantages of a basic motorcycle check is a good option to take. Still, when it comes to finding out other particularly important information and data about your motorbike, the full bike history check is what you’ll require. And with Car Analytics’ full motorcycle check, you will have a comprehensive report detailing everything you need that you can refer to before you make your purchase.

On top of the basic bike check criteria, you can expect to receive the answers to the following questions.

Can I Receive the Outstanding Finance Details with a Motorbike HPI Check?

With Car Analytics’ alternative to the full motorbike HPI check, not only will you be able to find out the financial agreement details and history, if it’s available, you will also be provided with a contact number for the finance company. We advise that purchasing a motorbike with outstanding finance can present various risks, which is exactly where carrying out a full bike check can come in handy.

If you are aware that the bike has outstanding finance, it is better to avoid purchasing it as this is illegal. It generally means that your chosen motorbike doesn’t belong to the seller – and that the finance company owns it.

Getting in touch with the finance company is an easy fix, once you have their details, and this is all made that much easier once you have carried out your full bike history check.

How Can I Check if the Bike Has Been Declared a Write-Off?

Again, there are various advantages to the full motorcycle check, one of which is the ability to find out if your motorbike is a write-off. Just as with cars, there are various categories for bike write-offs and our comprehensive, full motorcycle check will give you the details regarding when it had been declared a total loss and the loss type.

Which Write-Off Categories Should I Watch Out For?

If a motorbike has been written off, the level of damage determines the specific write-off category which will be reflected in the full bike check report. There are a range of write-off categories that include categories A, B, S and N. If written off, your chosen motorbike could fall into any one of these categories, with categories A and B indicating that the bike cannot be repaired.

Finding out whether your bike is a write-off is therefore important, and luckily the cheap, comprehensive and full motorcycle check provided by Car Analytics can make this easier.

How Can I findout if the Bike’s Mileage is Genuine?

In addition to the bike’s write-off status, Car Analytics’ cheaper alternative to the motorbike HPI check will reveal whether the motorbike has a mileage anomaly or if it has been clocked. The sad truth is that the ease with which motorbikes can be tampered with makes them likely targets for mileage clocking. Getting a full bike check will enable you to guarantee that you don’t purchase a bike with a tampered mileage.

What is meant by a High-Risk Check?

The full bike check provides an evaluation of whether your chosen motorbike has been flagged as being high risk. Normally refers to a financial conflict that arises over ownership and means that the motorbike is prevented from being sold. Being aware of a high-risk status can enable you to make educated choices about your next used motorbike.

Final Words

Making use of our full vehicle check reports offers you full convenience. Ours is indeed the cheapest on the market, but it is also the most reliable and comprehensive, which means that, with Car Analytics, you can’t go wrong. Offering a £40,000 data guarantee, we ensure that our service is highly accurate as we are fully aware of the importance of up-to-date data. Always check before you purchase to ensure that you avoid any complications. With our bike checks, you’re covered.

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